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Printable Cockney Rhyming Slang List and Quiz.

Updated on January 24, 2013

How can you have a conversation without people knowing what you are talking about? You could communicate using sign language, or whisper, or go somewhere private.

Or you could always do what they did in the East end of London in the middle of the 19th century and create your own use of slang words so that you could talk freely in public and yet no one else would have any idea what you were talking about.

Cockney rhyming slang was born of the desire to hide your activities and intentions from bodies such as, your employers, the police and the people who may inform your employer or police what you have been getting up to or what your planning on doing in the future.

The use of cockney rhyming slang wasn't designed for every 'Tom, Dick or Harry' to use, as that would defeat it's objective, however many of it's language has seeped into common use both in the UK and some foreign destinations.

Cockney rhyming slang is a much celebrated part of British culture that people in london especially still use today.

When is a bottle not a bottle? When it's an Aristotle.
When is a bottle not a bottle? When it's an Aristotle. | Source

How does cockney rhyming slang work?

I am going to take probably the most well known example of Cockney rhyming slang to demonstrate how it works in it's use of language:

If someone said to you 'get up those apples' you may well wonder what they were talking about, this statement suggests with this sentence that they would like you to 'get up those stairs'. This is because apples and pears is cockney rhyming slang for stairs.

As you can see from this example some of the terms are only half rhymes and you drop the second word,( if the slang term contains more then one word that is).

Good luck with the quiz and I hope you find the list below it useful.

List of words and threre cockney rhyming slang.

Cockney rhyming slang
Whistle and Flute
Vera Lynn
Trouble and strife
Tommy Trinder
Tom and Dick
Todd Sloane
Titfer/Tit for Tat
Tea Leaf
Syrup and Figs
Flying Squad
Sweeny Todd
Sky Rocket
Skin and Blister
Salmon and Trout
Ruby Murrey
Round the Houses
Richard the 3rd
Porky Pies
Peckham Rye
Oily Rag
North and South
Mutt and Jeff
Mork and Mindy
Mince Pies
Loaf of Bread
Lionel Blairs/Tony Blairs
Five Pounds/Fiver
Lady Godiva
Kick and Prance
Khyber Pass
Aunt Joanna
Jimmy Riddle
Hank Marvin
Gregory Peck
Frog and Toad
Dustbin lid
Duke of Kent
Dinky Doos
Dicky Dirt
Dicky Bird
Darby and Joan
Daisy Roots
Cock and Hen
Chalk Farm
Bricks and Mortar
Brass Tacks
Bob Hope
Bakers Dozen


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