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Coco and the Cat Nap

Updated on July 26, 2013

Once Upon a Time

One day coco the cat was walking down the beach. He looked down and found a dollar in the sand. “who could have dropped this?” he wondered. Coco came across an old wooden pier that he didn’t think had been there before. Being a cat, he was curious. He decided to investigate. Tied at the end of the pier was a small boat with a pirate sail. He walked down the pier. At the end of the pier he noticed there was a small wooden box. It had a sign on it that read, Boat Rides $1.00. Well he was in luck because he had just found one dollar.

 He slipped his dollar in the slot in the wooden box and climbed down into the boat.  Just then a wind came up and filled the sail.  The boat started moving away from the shore.

 He was enjoying his ride till he noticed that the land was so far away that he almost couldn’t see it.  The waves started getting rough. Coco slunk down low in the boat and mewed while looking quite miserable.  Eventually Coco saw that he was approaching an island.


Land Ho

When the boat landed he got out and sniffed the beach. Coco noticed strange smells. He decided to see what was over the dune at the edge of the beach. As soon as he crested the small dune, he was frightened by a large bird.

The bird asked him if he was hungry. Coco was feeling a little nervous. He replied to the bird “Ah, uh, no, that is, I do not eat birds. That is not why I came here, um, Sir”. At this the big bird laughed. He said “Of course you don’t eat birds. We already knew that,  otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to see the boat. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pierre, and today for lunch we are having fish”. Cocos eyes lit up.


 “Fish? Well glad to meet you Pierre.” “Yes, we always eat fish.” Pierre told Coco. They went down the dune a ways where there were other pelicans, gathered around a bon fire.

Coco was introduced all around.  Then it was time for lunch.  


After eating 3 fish sandwiches, Coco was much too full to go sailing. So they all sat around the beach singing songs. Each bird had a different song. When the birds had all finished singing, Coco surprised them with a song. When Coco was finished with his song, he yawned.

Paper Moon Production of Coco's Song

Music-Meow Meow Lullaby by Nada Surf

 “I need a cat nap, I guess I had better get sailing.” The pelicans all asked him to stay, but Coco replied, “I can’t stay or I’ll get big and fat.” . They all laughed and said their goodbyes. Coco got back in the little boat and waved as the boat headed back for home. When he finally got home he stretched out for a big cat nap.

The end.


The End.
The End.

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