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Updated on August 15, 2011


 I will speak my peace and it will ring with realization in the ears of all who choose to hear it. And, when I do, you will stand there paralyzed and mesmerized and covered... in a thin translucent cocoon of truth. Now from the outside you will look no different, but the view from inside will be ever-changing and that feeling will be everlasting. Until one day while you walk among the unknown and you will know. That cocoon that once seemed insurmountable will shatter and something beautiful will emerge. Then you will have the feeling that I have right now. The divine truth that everything, no matter how insignificant, has beauty and that beauty cannot be ruined wrecked destroyed or stolen by anything or anybody because anything that anybody says to you, cannot harm you. All it can do is cover you in a thin translucent cocoon. The metamorphosis takes place inside that cocoon invisible and incomprehensible to others as to how it affects you. You are who it's up to. You are the one who deals with the criticisms and you are the one who takes in the judgements and you are the one who decides what emerges from whatever cocoon is placed upon you. So I ask you NOT to crumble beneath the judgements of others, I ask you NOT to falter beneath the unkind words that cover you and I ask you NOT to let these words travel, unheard, only to litter this Earth with every other truth that lies sound asleep.


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    • SilverWebb profile image

      SilverWebb 6 years ago from Australia

      What an interesting and profound hub! Well done!