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Coffee Treat

Updated on February 28, 2017

Coffee Treat

We have come together to celebrate each other

The following of laughter spread abroad are faces

We can look at the past to tell us of are present

Gone are the days I used to frolic in a haze

Today I exist as if a mouse is stuck in a maze

Sullen brevity

To treasure a red was that was plucked a time before

Nature's beckoning call asunder

To sip your coffee with a friend

Having so much fun with a hope it wouldn't end

We can't escape the true way that we feel

A love embrace will seal the deal

The notion of art represented in time

To practice the patience of true humility

Learn to greet each other with a pleasant smile


Transformed illumination

A pause to think

Hazelnut, Coconut, Whole Milk & Italian flavored coffee

To play a game of Trivia Pursuit with each other

Don't forget the napkins for the spills that may happen

Write a special letter to a lover of your new discovery


Frolic With Togetherness

We each need each other to point one another home

A special place between time and space

Saturate your mind with beauty and the simple cause of forgiveness


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