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Collection of dark poetry

Updated on January 21, 2016


A lot of people think that poetry is dead, it's sad when i hear this as it's the most beautiful form of writing in the world.

Some of the greatest people that ever lived wrote poetry.

The poems in this collection have a very old feel old feel to them,

I like to look back on how the ancient greats wrote such amazing things with a deep level of emotion involved.

Modern poetry is something i'm really not a fan of!

I don't see Edger Poe writing about the things we have nowadays and he didn't write about his time either.

Every poem needs to be personal and tell a story of sorts.

Like you're letting your heart write every letter.

I hope those that buy my book enjoy what I've written.

Some of them are about pain and loss.

Others about war and pride.

I have many others I would love to publish.

I'll just see how these do first.

Money in poetry

Now I know there isn't a lot to be made in poetry nowadays as it is not anywhere near as big as it used to be.

But there is still a little and that's what I want to try and prove with my work.

I write some erotic things as well as drama and poetry.

But this kind of work is where my heart will always feel like i'm doing the right thing.


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