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Our story of the young Tig

Updated on December 7, 2011

What to eat

It would be interesting to write a story. Not only by me but by you and by as manypeople as possible.
My idea is to start and after each of my friends do hubbers sequentially the story grow wings and fly up to the limits of the imagination of each of the comments they do.

In the end, we can put together all the comments and, surely, would have one shared morestories of the world, which we would all co-authors.
Who knows how far we can is with this idea.

Maybe even consider publishing on behalfof all and do reverse the copyright for help, really a child, or more, which many feelneeds in Africa, where I begin this story.

So get the story ...

Since birth, in a distant place in Africa, Tig did not know what was going to have to eat the day they wake up in the house of a dirt floor and walls made of mud thrown by hand.
The land he lives is arid. Therefore, almost nothing is born. And besides, the ethnic struggles and from warlords constantly decimating what comes from the earth.


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