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Colleen, Colleen

Updated on August 9, 2011
Father and Daughter...
Father and Daughter... | Source

for Mija

Colleen, Colleen...

What do you mean?

Do you not comprehend

what can easily be seen?

We behold your beauty.

We acknowledge you're bright.

You've earned our respect.

There's no need to fight.

And though you stress

over medical school,

you're already appreciated

cause we think you're cool.

You're kind and generous

and you genuinely care.

Yet we know you feel pressured

by the great weight you bear

You melt those around you

with your killer smile.

We crave your presence

and hope you'll stay awhile.

And though you have worries

and when you have doubt,

please don't forget

what life's really about.

It's your contribution

and your impact on others.

It's the bond you share

with your siblings and mother.

You are greatly valued.

You are deeply loved

by your friends and family

and those you're thinking of.

You make us so proud

with all you've achieved.

Whatever you do

we know you'll succeed.

You really do have a gift.

You make people feel better,

which is not guaranteed

by an acceptance letter.

So I write this for you,

my sincere plea...

Remember what really matters, Mija

and know you'll always matter to me...


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