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Updated on May 9, 2013

We argue

You make it sound like I waste my life

Reminders again of how I am useless

I am nothing

Yet you are supposedly god

I will not quietly let you destroy me

Good luck to you sir

For you think I will let you bring me down

Know this

You may make me feel things

Signs of despair

But this work

Will be for nothing

For the day I get that degree

Which by the way I will not stop until it is in my hands

That degree

Is something that NO ONE can ever take from me

I worked for this

For me

This degree is more than just a piece of paper

It is proof that I worked for this


I myself alone did this

This is my symbol of hope

That I am more than what you think of me

I take this as a way to prove that I can escape stereotypes

Hope that I can escape this life

That so many want to drag me into

Its either that or my early grave

For which some also will want to drag me to


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