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I Am

Updated on April 3, 2015

 I am the great colossus

that carved out canyons

and dried river beds

long before you opened

eyes to the night sky

fright that awaits at

the end of the hall.


I am the end of

a long trail of

footprints on the

shore that lead

to never, holding

inviolate secrets

that all desperate

people seek.


I am the two eyes

behind the iron

glowing, with glaring

brown that pervade

the hasty shadow

gloom tightened

against the heart

in midnight pain.


I am the painter

of the faces you

love deep in

the night,

I am the one built

completely or madness.


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    • xxojokermanoxx profile image

      xxojokermanoxx 2 years ago from The Forbidden Funhouse


      Somebody is a bit pretentious