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"Come Out and Play With Me"

Updated on April 10, 2014

Little Windy

A Sweet Song Sung by my Inner Child...

When Little Windy comez out to play,

It alwayz windz up to be an awesome day;

Rainbowz and clear Skiez of blue,

The beauty of a Rose kissed by the Morning'z Dew.

I romp around and play all day,

Even chorez seem like Child'z play;

Try it just once and you will See,

Just how Happy you can Be...

You'll Play and race,

Nothing must be done in Haste;

The ice cream Smilez and rosey cheekz,

Will surely make your Life complete.

Give it a Chance,

Take my hand and let'z do the Dance;


chasing Lightning Bugz and Climbing Treez,

Kickball and that game of Tag where you freeze...

We'd Love to Play with You for a million yearz,

And never, ever witness your Tearz;

Only Gigglez and Smilez will come to Be,

If only You would come out and Play with me :)


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