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Come Play Words With Friends (a Sound of Silence parody)

Updated on June 7, 2017

Got some great words in this one!

YEEEEAH! Inspiration flashed!

If that last 'I' was an 'S' instead! But alas it was not!

Player 1

Hello come play Words With Friends

But now it is your turn again

Because of all the epic words you’re leaving

Left me wonder if you’re cheating

Not using words from your own brain

It’s not the same

But it’s on your conscience!

Player 2

In restless dreams I must atone

Now I see I can’t condone

Win or lose I take the chance

My turn I take in my own hands

When inspiration flashed like the flash of a neon light

I admit, alright,

I needed assistance


And with my own mind I saw

Ten thousand combos, maybe more

An extra S is what I’m needing,

‘Shivers’ would’ve got me leading

People putting odd letters everywhere

To stop me there

Just to be a nuisance!

“Fools!” Said I, “You do not know”

Wordplay, helps your vocab grow

All the silly jokes and puns I do,

Might be what helps to beat you.

Sometimes words, at random, success or fail

Can just make some sense!

All the people were amazed

At the clever words we made

And now you’ve seen it’s your warning

All the words that I’ve been forming

(or: As my alarm flashed its warning

I gasped because it was morning)

And the tiles that give me triple word or letter score

I’ll take them all!

And that’s how you play Words With Friends!

'SHIVERS' became 'SIVERS' instead! (missing out on the Triple Word score this time because of that 'ET' :s)

This is the song I'm parodying here. Classic!


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    • Davorunner profile image

      Davorunner 9 months ago from Australia

      Thanks John! You can't beat the classic version, although it's good to be able to play wherever you are. Either way, wordplay helps your vocab grow, in whatever form!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 9 months ago from Queensland Australia

      What a great Sounds of Silence parody. It kept to the tune really well. I play words with friends occasionally but prefer good old Scrabble.

    • Davorunner profile image

      Davorunner 9 months ago from Australia

      Thanks Fullerman! It is fun, I enjoy it too, and hopefully anyone on this site would at least have some interest in words, so I thought it quite appropriate!

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 9 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      This was a pretty cool poem about a game I play a lot. I really enjoyed this hub. It was fun and creative. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to read more.