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Come to the Dark SIde we have cookies

Updated on April 7, 2009

5:45 am , lebanon, some crazy person

hello, its very early here or is it late because i now more now what i am doing here. I have school tomorrow, or is it today. Ok i am officially nuts. Would you care to ask why? Uh like who cares, ofcourse doing research. But is it mine! Hell no, mine is due on Saturday. So why the hell am i bothering myself.Oh i remembered because i am good. Wait, i thought i joined the dark sid a while ago( it tempted me with cookies).YUmmy, the hot chocolate cookies that melt in your mouth. Oh man1 the though makes me uhhh :D.

It do not really know why i named this hub : Come to the dark side we have cookies. SHit i am losing it AGAIN! it 6 now . And i have to start dressing up for school. Damn why do i have to go? i have nothing important today. By the way, did i tell you that i am starving :( . What is for dinner? what is for breakfast? People i am  on my own her so what are you planning to feed a hungry lion? I know that's what you get when you starve a hubber and make him stay up till 6 doing some person's bookreport.


I should be paid. We all should be paid, don't you just agree. Ok my brother is so gettin the boot! oh he deserves it trust me. ok i seriously need a cup of coffee now cause i feel its either me or the laptop are going to crash . Seriously, i wish i was me. I don't why i started this hub after all, but for sure 10 minutes of sleep interuppted by mom wakin me up ain't enough. I am starving. I wonder what mom will cook for dinner. 

I am drowning myself to music. Maybe somehow, i wont fall asleep. Oh shit! i got chemistry at 7:45 . ooops i forgot about that. Shit. Going to wash my face or something. Maybe i should serf thenet for some cookies.

I am nuts, but my brother is so going down i swear to Miighty God. Ok Maybe i have to give him "the attitude" or make him make some cookies. :D

now you officially know how it feels to be crazy, hungry,tired, and sleepy Welcome to my world! You might want to try deathstars' new album night electric night : esp death dies hard :D

i am out ..headding to the bathroom wish be luck. THIS SCHOOL DAY WONT END!


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