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Comedy and laughter

Updated on August 16, 2011

A Comedy team like no other!

Abbott and Costello

The best part of life is the funny things we encounter that make us laugh and help us forget for a brief moment our everyday concerns. Sometimes we have to look elsewhere for laughter and the best alternative is film and movies. Comedy has been a part of our lives since we were little kids and it is a big part of our lives throughout the years. I have many wonderful memories growing up watching movies and film of some of the funniest performers ever. Many are long gone but their comedy lives forever. I remember as a kid looking forward to Sunday mornings at 11:00 am when the Abbott and Costello movies would air and how much I looked forward to seeing them. I never recall laughing so hard and just enjoying them and the moment. My dad would sometimes watch them with me which made it extra special. I was a fan of Abbott and Costello from the very first time I saw them. There are other great comedians in film and movies who I love but Abbott and Costello are my favorite.

I could name most movies they starred in but I would rather just relate some of their movies that were my favorites. The movies they starred in that stand out most in my mind are the following;

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man

Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Abbott and Costello Meet The Mummy

Abbott and Costello Meet The Killer, Boris Karloff

Abbott and Costello Meet The Keystone Kops

The Time of Their Lives

Hold That Ghost

Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion

The Naughty Nineties

Buck Privates

In the Navy

Lost in Alaska

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars

I can name a lot more but these are the ones that I remember most and have fond memories of watching as a kid. I always watched their movies without interruption aside from the commercials and always before going out for the day. 

I find it amazing watching them perform and just enjoying the natural bond they had. It was magical watching them together and I know they inspired many comedians and set the standard for originality and wit. They were the best at what they did and they could surely make you laugh every time you saw them on the screen.The funniest routine they did and is their legacy is the Who's on first routine that can be watched over and over again with the same results, side splitting laughter! They were the best at what they did and that routine is pure comedy at its finest.

Lou Costello did have some family tragedies in his life having lost his infant son in a drowning accident 2 days shy of his first birthday. He also died way too young at the age of 52 in 1959 and his wife died later that same year at the age of 47. Their daughter died in 1987 at the young age of 48.

Bud Abbott was the straight man in their routines and they both had a great presence together. Bud suffered from epilepsy all throughout his life and he passed away at the age of 78 in 1974 and had been married for 56 years up until his death.

They are long gone now but their comedy lives forever and their movies are just as funny today as they were when they were first released. They have earned the respect of many in the industry and they are loved by so many people. I enjoy watching their movies today and would love to introduce their comedy to my son.

Jerry Seinfeld, a fine comedian in his own right recounts being a hugh fan of Abbott and Costello and even did a special called Abbott and Costello Meet Jerry Seinfeld which is a tribute to the comic duo. 

The true comedian that I believe inspired greatness and led to such dedicated comedy performances from individuals and teams like Abbott and Costello was Charlie Chaplin who was a comedic genius and so entertaining and someone who influenced many. I will chronicle him in another writing. Imagine a life without Abbott and Costello, We wouldn't have laughed as much or as hard. Thank you Abbott and Costello for all the comedy and laughter you provided us throughout the years!

Edward D. Iannielli III

Who's on first?

Frankenstein trailer


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