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Comic Book Wonder Woman Barbie Dolls

Updated on March 21, 2015

Wonder woman

I saw a Barbie doll for sale at a Goodwill store for two dollars that looked like Megan Fox,then I had a conversation with someone that said she would make a good Wonder Woman. So I made her into one. Then another and others followed. I went on to make the supergirls, batman, and all of his villains.

Included are the original wonder woman style of Linda Carter, the classic style, wonder girl, and the new style of Wonder Woman. I made these Barbie Dolls with certain styles in mind, but my own spin on the designs. I often did not know how they would turn out until I was done.

wonder woman

wonder woman
wonder woman
Linda Carter style
Linda Carter style

Recycled Barbie Dolls

These Barbie Dolls are remade from Goodwill buys, new material, duck tape, ribbon and such.

Included are the old and new style Wonder Woman, the teenage wonder girl, and the TV show Linda Carter style.

I am making others and will post them when done. Thanks for checking them out, let me know what you think about them.


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