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Comic Review 8/24 - The Ultimates #1, Batman, Inc. #8, Kick-Ass 2 #3

Updated on August 25, 2011
The Ultimates #1
The Ultimates #1

The Ultimates #1

Hey, look, they are rebooting the Ultimate universe...again. They rebooted it two years ago, and now they are doing it again. To be fair, last time Loeb was involved, and this time, Hickman is writing The Ultimates. This was a very good issue on it’s own, and great compared to the previous Ultimates series. This is basically set from Nick Fury’s command center, overlooking the major events of the world. Hawkeye is sent to deal with a conflict in Asia, Iron Man is sent to Uruguay to intervene with an Argentinian naval fleet, and Thor...well, he and the other Asgardians stole some beer...and Captain Britain is sent to intervene. Things go sideways, on all fronts, and the issue ends with Nick Fury not knowing what to do with the whole situation. You have to hand it to Hickman; He writes a great first issue.

The art is fantastic, too. Esad Ribic has changes his style since the last time I saw him, going all the way back to Silver Surfer: Requiem, but it is still great. When Captain Britain pours out the beer, the next panel with Thor glaring at him, beer foam dripping from his mustache and beard, was hilarious and perfect. When Captain Britain gets pulled through the wall of Richard’s building, the lighting and depth in that page is fantastic.

This is a great start to the reboot of the Ultimate universe. Lets hope it stay this quality.

Story - 5 Art - 5

Batman, Inc. #8
Batman, Inc. #8

Batman, Inc. #8

What the heck was that? This book has been fantastic for seven issues, with Paquette, and Burnham on art, and Morrison writing great stories of how Bruce is recruiting other Batmans (Batmen? Bats’mens’? I don’t know) to fight crime the world over. This issue is about...I don’t even know, really. Bruce created Internet 3.0, which is a VR world, like a cross between Tron and Reboot. They are attacked by “viruses”, and Bruce (who has to control the Bruce and Batman avatars at the same time) and Oracle (who is in a Batwoman avatar, which is actually the coolest thing in this whole issue, Barbara getting to be Batgirl/woman again) stop them. Then it ends? This is the last issue of this, I don’t believe it is going to be in the reboot, but I believe Burnham is doing a couple one-shots. What a bad way to end a series.

The was weird. At points, it looked pretty good, like in action scenes. But other points, it really looks like that old show, Reboot. I can’t be the only one to remember that show, right? Well, the artist most likely knows it. I almost bought into it, since they are virtual representations, so the faces are weird. Then, the last scene is in the Real World, but the faces are the same. So, it was just the art in general. Like I said, very disappointed in this last issue.

That cover is pretty rad, though.

Story - 1 Art - 1

Seriously, does anyone remember this show?
Seriously, does anyone remember this show?
Kick-Ass 2 #3
Kick-Ass 2 #3

Kick-Ass 2 #3

Hey, another issue of Kick-Ass is out! It only seems like five months ago the last was out....oh. I’m kidding, of course, I know Romita Jr. has been on The Avengers since 2010, doing 14 of 16 issues. The art in this issue isn’t as great as it used to be, Romita is only doing layouts, and Tom Palmer is doing finishes. It still looks pretty good, but just not the same. The story, however, is a whole other story.

You have to get past the arrogance and cheesiness of Millar, to really enjoy what he does. Kick-Ass has been going out with this group of vigilantes (or superheroes, your pick), cleaning up the streets. He feels that he is really enjoying what he is doing, and the next day, he tries to recruit Hit-Girl back into the game. She won’t have any of it, so he goes home, where his father is home. He found his costume. They have a big fight, and Dave rushes out. The book ends with The-Super-Villain-Formerly-Known-As-Red-Mist breaking into the Justice Forever headquarters, and kills The Colonel, and Sofia (not the dog!!). You have to hand it to Millar, that shot of the crime scene is messed up, just what you’d expect.

I really enjoyed it. The art was fine, but not as great as it has been.

Story - 5 Art - 3


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    • humanoid profile image

      humanoid 6 years ago from Earth (I think)

      nice work!

    • sinbad27 profile image

      sinbad27 6 years ago from London

      thx for this. I agree, ultimates was great. Haven't read the batman but adding it to my wishlist!