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To Moore, Bendis, and Morrison

Updated on October 22, 2010

What is this

It is a poem. And it is about certain comic book writers I admire. I wrote it to them in a way. But i guess in this "what is this" I am only stating the obvious. CALL ME CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! Oh also it was written in Spring of 2010.

To Moore, Bendis, and Morrison

Each of you have great talent that

leads me to write this all

just for you dear three.


Oldest and wisest one of

them. You use such great

metaphors and symbols, hidden

in all you write. But why,

oh why do you do this?


Glub, Glub, Glub.

You drown me, and also so

many others, with these

symbols, which though deep, are

so numerous it over loads me to

the breaking point.


Now on to the youngest who, besides

being is the baldest one, is the

one being given greatest props.


Ten years ago the masses did not

even give you too much

credit for having all the great

talent that you hold, thanks

to your “crappy art”.


You have talent and the great

company now has so very much

ridding on you and, over the last

year they’ve even given you

trust in some of the biggest

projects running yet.


Do not mess it up for I

(have not gotten near and)

do not want to say goodbye.


Ah, I almost forgot about you.

How can I, when such a

psychologist lives in your ink it

spills over every thought bubble, in

to even the art work you commission.


You made the bat and the clown become

one within that house of madness, grime and

seriousness. You made me no longer

care about who watched the watchmen and

of a darkest of rains but, in a too artistic way.


Each of you three I give my respect,

because your writing did an effect,

upon my young written soul.


You used the BANG, KAPOW, and

BOOM, of the past, and with your mind

Became one with your artists.


I give you thanks now and today.

I give you respect and tip my hat.

I give you this for what you gave me.

I give you a handshake as a future colleague.


I will use metaphor but not too much.

I will gain trust and run large projects.

I will give deeper meaning to the genre.


To you great three writers I say good day.

I am coming. That is all I have to say.


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    • MPG1 profile image

      MPG1 7 years ago from Eugene

      ^_^ if i ever go crazy one day I will do that as my job... I even got a soap box all picked out

    • Trevor Davis profile image

      Trevor Davis 7 years ago

      Loved it. I can totally see a man on a soapbox calling to passerbys as he rants his poem to the world