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Comics Eye: All About The Eisner Award Nominee series Locke & Key

Updated on August 14, 2011

Hi there!

Welcome to the latest edition of Comics Eye found only right here on Hubpages!

IDW Publishing ( the proper name...I keep using "Comics" so sue me!) has a few comic book series that I read on occasion such as Angel, Fallen Angel (actually, my first intro to IDW) and of course I am familiar with a few of it's more note worthy properties including Transformers and 30 Days of Night. Of course we are all familiar with the Transformers movies and certainly the 30 days of Night movie (for me anyway) redefined the vampire story.

But there is one title that I've stuck with from it's beginnings and that's Locke & Key.

This series has been consistently well produced and well received by the fans and I just love reading it. A major storyline has just concluded called "Keys to the Kingdom" and another one has begun called "Clockworks," but as usual I'm getting ahead of myself just a bit.

Written by Joe Hill and drawn by Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke & Key saw it's first story arc hit local comic shops in February of 2008 and opened with the arc "Welcome to Lovecraft" a six issue ( they all are six issues) limited series that took place in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. Their father murdered by a teenager named Sam Lesser, the Locke family, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke along with their mother relocate to the family's estate "Key house"

The real drama begins when Lesser, who finds himself incarcerated in a juvenile detention center,is able to stare into water, and communicate with a malevolent spirit that promises to free him from his incarceration for helping to free it from a hidden well...the problem is that well is located on the family Locke Estate.

So a storyline that begins with the premise of a family trying to cope with it's grief after the loss of their father/husband, quickly turns into a tale of terror as strange things begin happening after little Bode Locke finds a mysterious doorway that leads to many mysteries that surround the family manor, and the mysterious evil that is looking for a "key."

There is no denying that writer Joe Hill of author of Heart-Shaped Box, is able to weave a tale that draws us in from the very first few pages of the first arc, while the pencils of Gabriel Rodriguez actually won me over as the art just seemed really work well with the stories.

All in all I have not been disappointed with any of the story arcs that have made up the first complete tale of life at Key House in Massachusetts, and there is a new story arc that just began called "Clockworks"...

And know, I'm not going to tell you what that's all about'll just have to go ou here and get issue one on your own, and just so you know...this is one of those comic series that if your into a blend of Fantasy with a dash of Terror and Horror thrown into the pot, then You Should Be reading This Comic Book.

Next time here, I'm going to take you back to a time when Frank castle was "Really" the Punisher in an old story that I actually own by Mike Zeck so I'll see you then.


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    • animekid profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Upstate NY

      Helloooooo joawmeens!

      thanks for the compliment, and I happy to find another Locke & Key fan here on Hubpages, and I'm going to start following you and read your first review.

      Thanks again for stopping by and keep reading comics. :)


    • joawmeens profile image


      7 years ago from Hopewell, Ohio

      This is my favorite ongoing book right now. It is beautiful. I am going to do a review of all four volumes eventually (the first is up, btw). It is an amazing book.

      Great review!


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