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Comics Eye: American Vampire:Lord of Nightmares

Updated on March 20, 2013

Hi all and welcome to another edition of ComicsEye here on Hubpages.

Today I want to take a look at one of the Vertigo line of comics published through DC Comics. A few short years ago I started to read a new series called "American Vampire".

The series focused on the first vampires created in America in the early days of the old west. The series has garnered much attention and the series written by writer SCOTT SNYDER has been one of Vertigo's most successful series in several years, and while Snyder in a recent interview on Newsarama explained what was going to happen with the successful series and it's (then) forthcoming hiatus there are many offshoots of the series.

One of those offshoots is a five issue series that I thoroughly enjoyed reading called Lord of Nightmares.

The storyline is very interesting and set in post war Europe. The series introduces us to Agent Hobbes, an agent for a secret organization known as the Vassals of the organization that hunts vampires.

The organization has been around for hundreds of years, and they are responsible for one horrible secret.

When we meet agent Hobbes, he is sitting at a local outdoor cafe enjoying a cup of a favorite hot beverage when a young American joins him. The American's name is Tommy Glass.

Tommy Introduces himself to Hobbes, tells the agent where he is from and carries on a conversation with Hobbes as he snaps pictures of some of the local sights that surround this clandestine meeting.

Glass is much more than he seems though, and things start to take a decidedly twisted mood as Glass explains the actual direness of Hobbe's situation...and as things begin to unravel for Hobbes and his organization we learn the terrible secret that the organization that he is a part of has kept secret for hundreds of years.

The coffin of a powerful Carpathian vampire has been taken from a secret underground, protected bunker under one of the pylons of the London Bridge. And as Hobbes races back to that secured bunker, he is witness to a horrific scene of total carnage as he see's his fellow agents attacked by a den of vampires out for blood...sorry about the pun. In this first issue we are also introduced to a female agent named Felicia Book and her son Augustus, and Felicia and her son have their own secrets that we learn about through this five part series.

This series was a decent read. It explored a few myths of vampire lore, tied the main characters into a storyline that has ties to a certain Carpathian lord who is said to have embraced his new life as no other had before him, and left room for further stories in this series.

If the series ever becomes available in a complete trade edition, I would recommend your picking it up, and if your a digital comic reader then go ahead and get all five books, because the story is worth the price for each digital edition.


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