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Comics Eye: Aspen's Comics Has a New Lady!

Updated on July 22, 2011

Comics Eye-Episode 1 Lady Mechanika


Hello and welcome to another edition of "Comics Eye" here on Hubpages. In this hub we are going to take a look at Aspen Comics new release from Joe Benitez.

I went to get a few books to read and hopefully find something to write about for the next installment of Comics Eye, and as I'm walking through my favorite roost Main Street Comics, I just happen to look past this strange looking comic, with this cyber-punk looking femme fatale on the cover.

Honestly, I kept on walking and came back to that strange looking comic. So I picked it up and fanned the pages for a moment and my first thoughts were that the art was looks like it set in the wild west, but the main character, is dressed in a western-cyberpunk fashion, and I was intrigued. Then I noticed that this was a combination of the "sold out" first two issues of this comic,and the price was an affordable $3.99 for two issues in one package.

Not only did I pick up this combo of the first two issues, I also picked up issue #2 at $2.99. I also picked up the latest issue of Boom comics Hellraiser ( which I'm totally disappointed with, but that for another edition of Comics Eye) and then I was trying to decide if I wanted to pay a penny less than $5 dollars for this " X-Men Event" Schism, and thought to myself as I was holding the book in hand, that there wasn't enough weight here to justify paying five dollars for it, so back it went.

Anyway, Lady Mechanika is just a beautifully drawn comic. With scenes of a Victorian Old West, possibly in some other timeline, this comic will have your attention from the opening spread from the cover to page one of the collected edition. Joe Benitez is doing all the work on this comic for the moment. He's the writer, the artist and I'm sure if he had the time and a doppelganger, he would also do the lettering and colors.

The "0" issue sets the stage for the comic. The date is September 13th, 1878, Friday the Thirteenth, and the Lady Mechanika is on the hunt for the "Demon of Satan's Alley" The opening scene is what really drew me into the book before I even bought it and took it home. Lady Mechanka, dressed in this strange yet alluring Cyber/Victorian outfit, on a rooftop late in the evening, waiting for the ferocious demon that is terrorizing this sleepy Victorian western town. She also has competition from the " BlackPool Armaments Company." They also are on the hunt for this demon creature, and it's just a matter of who captures or "Kills" it first.

I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but before the end of the first issue, we see that there is a town with a sign that says " Welcome to Mechanika, The City of Tomorrow" which I have to tell you is a "Stark" contrast to the rest of the comic, and makes it all the more interesting. Oh and of course we find a bit of rivalry in the series also, as we discover someone ( not that there are just one) is hunting down the Lady Mechanika, a certain "Red Haired" commander from Mechanika's past that also adds to the intrigue of just who and what the Lady Mechanika really is and her origins.

Listen, comics are pretty expensive now a days and trust me if I'm spending three or four dollars on a comic, it better be won't be disappointed with Joe Benitez's Lady Mechanika so go get a copy of the collected edition and issue #2 today.


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    • animekid profile image

      animekid 6 years ago from Upstate NY

      Allergy 1, thanks so much for the comment, and keep watching for more of Comics Eye. I promise that you won't be disappointed with what's coming up soon.


    • allergy1 profile image

      allergy1 6 years ago from United Arab Emirates

      Excellent article, post more!