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Comics Eye: Collecting Comics in the Digital Age!

Updated on November 7, 2011
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Hi there everyone and welcome to another (yes, I know this is long overdue) edition of Comics Eye here on Hubpages.

Originally I was going to have a review of the graphic novel from Marvel Comics, "The Eternals" here but I'm pushing that back for the next edition due to time constraints and that I need to give that a quick re-read to write a review that is fair to the work itself so that will happen in the next edition.

Today though, I want to talk about the digital age and how that has affected our favorite medium...the Comicbook.

First let me say that I love to explore new tech when it arrives on the scene and it happens to be something that interests me. I have a Kindle and I love it. It's the second gen one, and my wife has the smaller version (Graphite of course to my White or Ivory) version and I've always tried to stay on top of the latest gaming consoles and the fabulous power under their hoods also.

But when it comes to written material, there are two camps that sort of go back and forth as far as print media is concerned. There are those who feel that when it comes to reading a book, you just cannot get that same feeling that comes with actually having the real tome in hand. Feeling the weight of the publication and actually being able to tun the page is something that this camp has spoken of for quite sometime...and in many respects I get it. There are certain books that are of the "over sized" type that feature pictures that in my opinion just will not translate well to a digital device.

There is a "Neil Peart" book that I would just love to own, but I want that experience of actually holding that book and turning those pages to view those pics of the "Professor on the Drum Kit."

But with the comic book is there a discernible difference? a word...


I recently (just for this article) subscribed to DC's online digital comics website. I purchased three titles for this article to talk about. They include the original first two issues of Batman "The dark Knight," before the new 52 came on the scene, and I also purchased the first issue ( of which I have not actually finished reading) of "Grifter."

So the first thing that I noticed is that the interface is not very user friendly (at least that was my first impression) from the site and takes some getting used to, but once you do adjust to it though it''s not that terrible.

But here is where it starts to become annoying (again, at least for me anyway) you can use the system controls to navigate the pages, but you immediately start to notice the issues when your trying to look at "splash pages" that sometimes just cannot be viewed properly, along with page that are meant to overflow into one another, and I guess due to the way these books are presented digitally through DC's interface through ComiXology it just loses something in the digital translation...and there is no way of getting around this flaw because it's just too noticeable to be able to ignore..

And as far as collecting and trading these comics, in this medium...well at least for the moment you can forget about it. From what I've seen thus far, there is not a way to say trade a Firestorm #1 for that new first edition of the new Justice League with your pal.

And the other thing that I just have to mention is the fact that...

  • You can get a digital edition of your favorite comic the same day it's released to your local comic shop. This is a good thing...but...
  • Your paying the same full retail price as if you actually have the physical comic in hand...this I have a problem with.

So, all in all this is certainly a new way to experience your comic book heroes. I know that Marvel Comics is also offering their comics in digital media, I'm just not sure exactly which titles they are offering, although I would think they would want to keep up with their competition (that would be DC!) but I did not see new comics featured there...although maybe you have to subscribe to those titles possibly.

In any case, I', not sold on this whole "Digital Comics" thing, so you figure it out for the meantime I have to finish the first five issues of the 2010 Dark Knight series, which luckily I only paid $1.99 per issue to own digitally...that may be just a bargain for now though!

Thoughts, Questions, Complaints, or you just hate my guts... just leave a comment here and I promise to help you out with those issues...well hopefully.



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    • Kris Heeter profile image

      Kris Heeter 6 years ago from Indiana

      Very nteresting article. While I don't read comics on a regular basis, I kind of have the same response to books. I'd much rather hold a "good" book rather than reading it digitally. Call me old fashioned, but for as much as I'm online, I still love getting offline to read too!