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Comics Eye: DC Comics Re-Boot A Few Glimpses of Things To Come

Updated on July 13, 2011

By now it's not a big surprise that DC Comics is committing to a total re-boot of their entire line of comics. Names that you may (and I use the term "May" because I'm sure that some of you out there reading this hub may actually be Much Younger Than I Am!) may be familiar with such titles as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and other flagship titles which are going to be given an update or face lift in some cases. I will be covering some of these new updates on characters that I have grown up with and export the good and not so good about some of the titles (sorry, but I have to limit what titles I purchase due to the that I can only afford so many comics in the first place) I will tell you that I will obviously be picking up Justice League #1, as it is just the ultimate DC superhero team comic and a flagship title that deserves attention.

But let's talk about a few titles that I have seen that pertain to the "Bat Family" of DC comic titles.


In order to fill the void at the time of a missing in action Dark Knight in the pages of Detective Comics, we saw the addition of one Kate Kane to these pages as Batwoman. Honestly I was hooked right from the beginning of the initial series run.

Kate Kane, the daughter of Ex Colonel Jacob "Jake" Kane, has a sister whom she believes is dead. Later we come to find out she is alive and well and is the criminal known as Alice, a member ( or leader ) of the Religion of Crime, who dresses as a character from Lewis Carrol's Alice In Wonderland, and only speaks in quotations from Lewis Carroll, believing herself to be Alice Liddell.

The artwork in the series provided by J.H. Williams III was just something that I have not seen in a comic before and I was mesmerized by every panel he drew, and the story by Greg Ruka helped define Kate, and to Ruka's credit scripted her as a lesbian female lead.


Nothing more need be said here than the fact that Bruce Wayne is back as the one true Batman. Honestly, I never liked Dick Grayson as the Bat, and it was only exacerbated by the fact that in the Batman and Robin comic, Dick had to put up with all that crap from Bruce's son Damian ( hmmm...remember that movie the Omen..) anyway, let Bruce deal with his bad boy son, and let Dick get back to being Nightwing.

and here are two very interesting titles that have caught my attention...


Well, I'm not sure how they plan to explain this one, but this Batgirl is supposed to be Barbara Gordon, and last I heard, Barbara Gordon was stuck in a wheelchair thanks to one maniacal clown prince. So let's see how the powers that be at DC pull this one off, but in a statement from writer Gail Simone "For many years, I got to write Barbara(Gordon) as Oracle and there is to this day no character that means more to me. This is classic Barbara, as she was originally conceived...with a few big surprises."...


Big surprise, last time I checked Barbra Gordon was "still" wheelchair bound! And yes, I know I'm repeating myself, but here is a case where DC is just throwing everything out the window including continuity, and maybe for this re-boot of everything it's appropriate and maybe not, I guess time and the fans will be the judges and jury.


Heralded as the "First Black Character" to wear the Bat Mantle, this series follows an operative from the series Batman Incorporated, a series of whch I did not bother to follow. And I have heard that there will also be a "Batman of Africa" spinning out of control from the Batman Incorporated series.

I'll end this article with my own thought about the dilution of the Batman legacy with all of these new titles. Personally, I think it's a mistake to take one character with such a legacy as the Dark Knight, and just throw out titles with the "Bat" tag attached to them.


Batman Incorporated?

When I first heard they were doing such a title I cringed, because I thought to myself " Oh No, please don't turn Bruce Wayne into a Peter Parker clone, with so many Bat titles that we simply lose sight of who and what the Batman stands for.


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    • animekid profile image

      animekid 6 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hi Roy!

      First, as a veteran, I want to thank you for what you do for the rest of us. Thank You so very much.

      Now, as to your comment, I couldn't agree more. I hate multi-part stories that traipse through several different titles just so that ( and this isn't just DC, I mean Marvel is just as guilty) they can bring in more revenue. In the end I never thought it was about story as much as it was about driving sales. And it may get worse, because when it comes to this summer movie season...let's just say that Marvel certainly owns DC this time around...and who knows what DC's response will be.

    • Roy Perrin profile image

      Roy Perrin 6 years ago from Jacksonville, NC

      I too am a DC fanboy! I have to admit though that I have never agreed with DC's decision to have so many titles for each character or to have story lines that cover so many titles at once. I cannot afford to by 15 comic books a week for 15 weeks just to complete a single story arc. Even when I try to buy them all I end up with random titles in my collection that i have no interest in following further. I understand that it is designed to give greater exposure to the lesser titles, but if they would just write better stories they would get more attention. Anyway, great hub. Keep up the great work. I love geeking out with other fanboys and girls!