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Comics Eye: DC's Summer event Flashpoint

Updated on June 25, 2011

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Welcome to Comics Eye and my review of DC Comic's Summer event titled Flashpoint!

I guess the first thing that I should come right and tell everyone is that I've never been a big fan of the Flash. In all honesty, the only time I have ever really taken notice of Barry Allen and his scarlet speedster costume was when he was racing against the man of steel...that would be Superman for those of you who have just joined us here on planet Earth. So the good folks at DC are betting the farm on Barry and this "event" that is going to be another re-boot of the DC Universe.

Before I go any further, I just want to display my thoughts on these constant “comic universe” re-boots...pweee***%%##@@...frankly my dears, I'm kinda sick of it all. Wow, I feel so much better now. Anyway I've just picked up and read issues 1&2 of the new series Flashpoint, which is going to be a five issue series that is effecting every DC title, and as usual is a way for all of us (except me, because I'm poor) to spend our dollars on all of the ties in for each issue as they are released each month. In the month of June alone there are more than 13 titles that tie into this one comic, that aside so far this actually reads well, and I believe that you can pick up on the action and follow the story without all of the tie in's if you really want to.

Writer Geoff Johns has turned Barry Allen's universe upside down and the whole DC universe's continuity along with it. Allen's mother Nora is still alive. There is no Justice League, no one knows who Superman is or has even heard of him. But everyone has heard of the Batman, and if you thought he was dark before Flashpoint, have we got a whole other Batman for you! This Batman has no problem beating the snot out of a woman, or letting criminals fall to their deaths. Thank goodness for Victor Stone, better known as Cyborg, catching the Batman's latest victim. This is a meeting which leads to some startling would seem that there are two warring factions that want to take total control of, and rule the planet.

One being Aquaman, and the other being Wonder Woman. Atlantis has sunk Western Europe into the ocean. Millions of loves lost. While the Amazons have taken over the United Kingdom and they also have slaughtered millions in the process. This is definitely not the Aquaman and Wonder Woman that I grew up with.

Oh, and did I mention that Barry Allen doesn't have the power of the Flash? And that no one has ever heard of the Flash...well this is just the beginning of things to come in this series, as DC comics gears up for their re-boot in September of their entire line of hero comics. Not sure why DC and Marvel feel it necessary to try to change the look and possibly the ages and story lines of flagship characters. They claim it's to appeal to a younger audience. I say, it's confusing and it will alienate those of us who have followed our heroes over the years, but what do I know…heck I’m a baby boomer.

Anyway, the art of Adam Kubert has to make his dad smile, because it certainly makes me smile. I just love great artwork, and I'm from the old school of artists, Buscema, Colan, Kubert, Thibert, Kirby, and Steranko. I've always said that a great story isn't enough, you have to have stunning art that accompanies the tale or it's all just words on a page. Well, I'll finish Flashpoint to see what happens, but I'll wait to see what I do come September when the DC universe resets to the number 1!


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