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Comics Eye: Digital Comics The Good & Not So Good About Them

Updated on June 20, 2012

Do You Read Digital Comic Books?

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Hi there all and welcome to a much overdue edition of Comics Eye!

I thought it was time to do an update on Digital Comics following my last hub titled Comics Eye: Collecting Comics in the Digital Age!

After years and years of collecting comic books and at this point in time having both small and large boxes of comics taking up space in my basement, family room ( my wife actually hurt her back trying to straighten out the mess of comics there!) and our bedroom, I finally succumbed and started to buy digital comics.

And of course as with all things there are good and bad points to owning a digital comic, so lets take a look at the good and not so good of the digital comic.


Reading a digital comics has both good and bad points:

Bad points

  • Your not holding the actual comic
  • Your not actually turning the comic pages

Good Points

  • Comic Books are not taking up space in your home
  • No more Comic Boxes
  • No more "bags & boards" to buy
  • There are different viewing options

Doesn't seem like much here really, but there are two things that I did not want to just use bullet points to point out in the context of this hub, and that's the "feeling of actually holding a comic," and the cost of ownership of a digital product.

The idea of owning a digital product is all about not having to actually hold the item in your hand in order to read it...that's what your e-reader is for after all. It's all about convenience in regard to anything digital, whether it's a digital MP3 recording or an e-book that you get to download. It's been said that e-books will never do away with the printed book, well I have to disagree with hat train of thought as Amazon continues to have a strangle hold in this market, and has sent many competitors away with their tails between their legs

Now this is where I really have issues with many digital products beside the comic. A few years back, the folks from Wizards of the Coast, the people behind the CCG phenomenon Magic the Gathering, started to market their game online. It is a huge success, but I have to wonder many years later why I should pay the same cost to own a digital card, as I would the actual card itself.

Today this question is something that I have to ask about the digital comic. Digital comics become available on the same day as it's physical counterpart, but I have to ask is it really fair to charge the same price for a digital product as you would pay for the actual real world item?

For me, the answer is no.

Hey, I already object to paying almost $4.00 for a real comic, so I certainly will have issue with paying that amount for a digital comic.Thus far, I've settled for purchasing older issues of comics that come in at a price of $1.99, and I've decided to wait for compilations of whole series to become available in order to follow my favorite comic series.

Is this going to keep me from following my favorite story lines?

Yes, but eventually they will be packaged as trades, so I will buy their digital editions when they become available. Hey it's tough, but it';s something that I've decided that I can live with for the moment.

So what do you think?

Yeah or Nay to the digital comic?


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