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Comics Eye: Dynamite's Zeitgeist!

Updated on December 12, 2011

Ming the Merciless and Adolf Hitler?

It would certainly explain a lot wouldn't it?

With one Flash Gordon series already available from Arden comics, the idea of another comic book based on the heroic adventures of this serialized television character really did not seem all that necessary...but here we are with a new series from Dynamite comics.

Zeitgeist begins with a bang right from the beginning. We are introduced to the despot of the world of Mongo, Ming the Merciless. Then with but a word, Ming rains down atrocities on the planet Earth...just to shore up a certain person who would be Ming's proxy on Earth, and Ming would rule through his proxy with an iron fist.

Next we meet Flash Gordon and Dale they have to jump from their burning aircraft, sharing a single parachute. Their destination...the the home of Dr Hans Zarkov in Geneva Switzerland. Zarkov is aware of an anomaly that other scientist have either ignored or just wouldn't believe was possible...a spatial rift between dimensions...a rift that could explain the reasons behind the world's disasters that were happening at that time in history...all because of the will of Ming.

And just who is this mysterious proxy that will do the bidding of Ming? Apparently it's the fuhrer himself, Adolf Hitler!

Zeitgeist is brought to us by the writing talent of Eric Trautmann and none other than Alex Ross himself. Alex is also handling the art work for the covers of this series thus far and also is credited as being the "Art Directer," with pencils being handled by Daniel Indro.

The action was so fast paced in this first issue, it was over before I realized it was done. 22 pages of action and it was just a sawbuck to boot! There is even some pages in the back that feature some of Ross's artwork featuring studies of Flash, Dale, Ming, Zarkov and even a picture of Hitler juxtaposed in the pics of Ming.

The quality of the art is just great, and the story is very interesting, I just hope that after this first dollar issue, Dynamite doesn't jack up the price to $3.99, because then I may have to pass on future issues...or at the very least I'll have to just purchase one or two less books in order to afford this one...but if you can afford to spend the extra cash, then don't pass up future issues of this Flash Gordon, because I think this is a must read comic.


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