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Comics Eye: My Review of Green Lantern

Updated on July 5, 2011

I’m not sure what happened but I was not that impressed with the movie Green Lantern. Let me explain a little bit of what I was feeling after the movie’s conclusion.

Green Lantern premiered almost three weeks ago now, and I always feel that when it comes to seeing one of these movies the saying that Timing is Everything certainly holds true here. I went to see this movie in the morning, at 11:30 am. I paid $7.25 for the ticket, and another $12 and change for medium popcorn and a “Blue-Raspberry” Icee, and I eagerly went to the designated theater to watch the movie.

As the opening introductions begin, the story of the Guardians and the planet Oa are explained and the general concept of what the Green Lantern Corps are all about, and then of course the main story begins. The storyline pretty much follows the original origin of the Green Lantern of sector 2814, Earth’s Hal Jordan, who in Ryan Reynolds we find an actor who can be very closely associated with the character.

The story pits two rival school friends (well I really think they were more competitors…maybe I should just say) they were competitors in school, and beyond for the attention of one Carol Ferris, whose father owns and operates Ferris Aircraft, and they are one Hal Jordan (Reynolds) and protagonist #2, one Hector Hammond (Sarsgaard) and this competition is established very early on in the film, so there can be absolutely no confusion there.

So the basics are here as far as Hal Jordan receives the ring from a dying alien named Abin Sur played by Temuera Morrison, and the makeup and appliances that were used for his makeup were very well conceived, who crash lands on Earth after an encounter with the entity that would be known as Parallax, that had dire consequences for this alien Green Lantern corps member.

Parallax ends up symbiotically linking with Hammond after he is asked by Dr. Amanda Waller to do a full write up and subsequent autopsy on the alien Abin Sur, ( and you have to really appreciate some of the license that was taken with the use of Parallax and Waller) and their contributions to moving the storyline along and the minor DC universe twists (which if you’re not a fan of the series or even are aware of the DCU) you would not even recognize.

So Hal at first becomes a reluctant Green Lantern, while Hammond seems to relish the dramatic changes that manifest in him as a result of the symbiotic bond with Parallax, and so the story goes.

I guess the real problems I had with this movie weren’t so much with the movie itself as to the fact that I’m almost three weeks in, and some of the special effects featuring Parallax were probably meant for 3-D, and I only got to see them in a 2-D world.

Very disappointing, but this was more the movie venue than the actual movie.

So the movie itself was alright, but it was not the summer blockbuster that I think it should have been, and that may be in part to the fact that the movie is short of the full two hours we have come to expect from most films, and especially from a summer comic book hero movie. The CGI effects were spectacular especially of the Guardians, and especially of the Green Lantern Corps main man( er…alien) one hell of a galactic drill instructor Kilowog.

And actor Mark Strong’s portrayal of Sinestro was also spot on. I would love to see another lantern film that pits a rogue Sinestro against his protégé Hal Jordan (if that tale were ever to b told) since the first “Yellow” Lantern Ring was forged to battle Parallax was created, but never used due to the convincing speech of Jordan to the Guardians about the merits of using sheer force of will to battle against the “Fear” driven power of Parallax.

Like most comic hero summer fare, if you’re not familiar with the characters of the film, you may not see some of the twists and other things that happen to some of the characters that you’re familiar with in regular continuity.

So what I’m suggesting is that if you’re not a Green Lantern fan already before you go to the theater, you may not enjoy the movie too much, but on the other hand if you’re a fan and you haven’t gone to see the movie yet, then certainly head on out there…but save a few bucks and go early and take a few friends who have the same understanding of GL as you do because it’s a good film, but in this case I may have caught it a bit late to actually feel that opening weekend fever.

And that comic fans may have been the only thing that was missing for me.

Should they make another Green Lanturn movie?

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    • animekid profile image

      animekid 6 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hi there Jagodka and thanks for the comment.

      The problem here is that GL is not as universally know outside of comics. It's not like he had a live action television series like the Flash or the Bat or even Superman ( who has had quite a few different series incarnations)and so I think they were pretty much obligated to kind of do the back story explanation. My question to you is if you saw the film when it first came out and if so was the theater packed?

    • Jagodka profile image

      Jagodka 6 years ago

      I didn't like the film. Personally, I think the Green Lantern story just shouldn't be made into a live-action movie. When the movie started and they explained the back story I knew it was going to be bad.