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Comics Eye: Severed A Different Era of Horror

Updated on February 11, 2012

Hi everyone and welcome to another Comics Eye right here on Hubpages!

The Horror comic has taken a turn for the better over the last few years thanks to such titles as "American Vampire," the return of the defender of the green, "Swamp Thing," a different title from Image called "Fatale" and this comic Severed.

I would be remiss if I did not immediately acknowledge the writing talents of Scott Snyder, who brought us a different kind of vampire in the tale "American Vampire," which for the first five issues not only featured his writing talents, but that of a certain Stephen King...yes, "THAT" Stephen King.

With artwork provided by Rafael Albuquerque, American Vampire focused on two different characters who became inextricably tied togehter more through circumstances than by purposeful design. In the American West of the 1800's, a struggling actress named Pearl Jones trying to build a career in the silent film industry falls prey to a coven of European vampires who have blended into Hollywood society.

A young vampire (that's almost an oxymoron) named Skinner Sweet who knows Pearl, saves her life by giving her his tainted blood. She comes back as a vamp looking for vengeance and the series goes onto spawn a spin-off called American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest, and America Vampire receives an Eisner Award and if you've read and kept up with the series then I really di not have to rehash the rest of that comic's story.

Now Snyder and co-writer Scott Tuft bring us a tale of horror that's also a period piece (is this turning into a trend?) that follows the tale of a young boy named Jack Garron. A tale that goes back to an earlier time in America...1916.

Jack is all of 12 years old and he decide to go on a mission to find his father who's a traveling musician, but while the world may seem like a great adventure to a naive 12 year old, there is a darker side to the world that a youngster has to find out about...first hand.

And that's what this tale is all about. Severed takes us along on young Jack's journey to find his father. Along the way, we experience the troubling side of America in those early days, as men and women rode the rails. Hobos going from place to place to find work, and just stay alive while trying to earn a dollar and keep a family together.

Jack comes into contact with a young man who extricates him from some trouble named Sam, who we later find out is actually a young lady, who's also traveling the rails discovering America's darker secrets...and unfortunately for her, one of those dark secrets kills her.

But it's a dark secret kept by a man that Jack also meets in Chicago. The man is a salesman who has taken an interest in helping Jack on his quest to find his father in Missouri. While Jack may be mildly suspicious of the stranger, the offer of a ride back to Missouri to be reunited with his father is all the young Jack can see, but Sam on the other hand is a little older and more suspicious of the stranger.

I just finished issue seven, which ties everything up, and while I thought that issue seven would be the end to a great tale, I may have been mistaken.

I won't say why, because I don't want to spoil things for those of you who may be reading this story, but for those of you who aren't this is one of those stories that you should be reading, and Image will have a hardcover edition collecting the entire horrific tale in one beautiful volume sometime in April.


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