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Comics Eye: The Punisher Edition!

Updated on August 28, 2011

Hi everyone and welcome to another long overdue Comics Eye right here on Hubpages!

Well in keeping with what I said I was going to do as far as going back into my vault of old comics, I wanted to feature this character first. Mainly because I think that his interpretation has been watered down over the years, much like his DC counterpart the Batman.

The Punisher was a creation that I latched onto right away back in the day because he was actually a Batman doppelganger in his own right. What are you talking about Lew? You're out of your mind, their not the same...well that's not true.

Obviously the Bat was here, way before Frank Castle was, but they both share a similar history.

Bruce Wayne loses both of his parents to a robber...Frank Castle's family is murdered.

Both of these tragic events effect these two men in the same way...they both become vigilantes. Bruce Wayne dons a costume, and hides behind a mask....protecting his inner child as the Batman. A crime fighting vigilante that has a code of conduct that does not allow him to kill the criminals he is after.

Frank Castle dons a costume and becomes the vigilante known only as the Punisher....the difference with Frank is he could care less about taking his targets in alive. He deals out a different sort of justice.While Batman works with the Gotham Police commissioner, the Punisher works alone. This similarity is what first drew me to the Punisher, and it's kept me as a fan of the original....not all of these different incarnations, the latest being this "Franken-Castle" whatever it is!

So, the graphic novel under the Marvel Comics "Epic" imprint , The Punisher Return to Big Nothing which is written by Steven Grant and the artwork provided by who I think was and still is the premier Punisher artist Mike Zeck opens with Castle right in the thick of it.

He's stashed himself inside a non-discript truck that is being used to deliver weapons to what are supposed to be weapons buyers. Turns out that this is an FBI Sting Operation, and of course the Punisher has no idea about it...that's what happens when your a lone vigilante. So the sting starts to go south so to speak and all of a sudden amid the sounds of gunfire, all of a sudden the Punisher comes flying out of the back of the weapons truck guns blazing! Showing no mercy, the Punisher takes down all comers, that's just the price of continuing "His Mission" against crime.

"Red Eagle to base! May Day! May Day! The Punisher is---"

The Punisher is kicking everyone's butt! This story takes Castle back to his early days in the Marines where he has his first of several run in's with a certain Marine sergeant named Cleve Gorman. The sergeant beat the crap out of Castle and started calling him "big nothing" and it turns out that Gorman is actually involved in a gun running operation using the Marine Supply chain.

There is not a lot of intrigue in this story, this is all about the action that is generated by the Punisher's mission to finally put Cleve Gorman where he belongs...dead.

"You never got it, did you? You're still working on good and evil. No such things Castle"


"Castle's Dead...I'm The Punisher"

And thus ended Cleve Gorman's life.

If your a Punisher fan, but you've never seen this story then your missing out and you need to buy this book today and experience the real Punisher, as he was meant to be written and drawn. Trust me when I tell you that you won't be disappointed with this one!

On the next Comics Eye, my final thoughts on the upcoming DC relaunch event that happens this coming week!


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