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Comics Eye: Thor Blood Oath

Updated on October 6, 2012

Welcome to another edition of Comics Eye here on Hubpages. I'm glad that you're here. The subject of this edition is of course The Mighty Thor, and this is about a series that I actually have on hand called "Thor Blood Oath."

Blood Oath is a 6 issue mini-series that finds the God of Thunder and his brothers in arms Fandral, Hogun and the voluminous Volstagg collectively known as the "Warriors Three" on a quest that will take them to many different places in the known Marvel Universe.

In issue #1, the plot is basically laid out as to why Thor and his friends go on the quest in the first place. On a fishing trip, the Warriors Three were on the hunt for a massive creature...a giant beast that Volstagg speared in the great North Seas.

The band of warriors however were not at the time aware that this beast was actually a Frost Giant transformed; and even after the beast has harpooned and killed, it's form did not revert back to that of a giant, and so the warriors were unaware that they actually killed a giant.

None the less, they find themselves on trail at the Thingvellir; The Allthing...a place of judgement. The trail is held by Odin, The All Father, and he informs all at the gathering that th Warriors Three are charged with "Murder" in the death of the changed giant.

The charges are brought against the band of warriors by the giant Gnives, father of the slain giant.

The Warriors Three and Thor are tasked with the quest of finding certain items that the giant Gnives states that he wants. The items include Three Apples, The Skin of a Pig, a Spear, a Sword, and Three Shouts...that are to be delivered on a hill when they have completed the task at hand...and naturally there are strings attached to each item that are to be retrieved by the group that stand accused in the death of the giant's son.

The story by Michael Oeming and art by Scott Kolins is by no means the best Thor tale I've ever read. That being said, this is more lighter tale of the Thunder God and his band of friends with the usual touches of snide comments directed at Volstagg, and there is a lesson that's taught in this story that involves something that Thor's alkter ego Dr. Donald Bl;ake and his para more Jane Foster discuss about how and when life began and how we all share beginnings.

If your able to find this story in a complete bound edition it's a good read, or if your able to find each edition at a great used price then go a head and read this story, but if you have to pay more than the cover price for each of these issues I'd tell you to pass on this one.


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