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Comics Eye:IDW Rides That Hellbound Train!

Updated on July 28, 2011

Comics Eye: IDW's That HellBound Train


Hi again everyone!

Welcome to a long overdue Comics Eye.

Today I want to talk about a new comic from IDW but before I do, I want to thank everyone for the messages and comments that I've received for some of the new articles here on Comics Eye. I'm glad that everyone seems to be enjoying what I'm writing about along with some of the video. Thanks so much everyone.

Okay, well a few days removed from my 54th birthday, I've had the chance to again access where the comic book is going and it's acceptance in mainstream America and I'm very happy to say that I think the comic book is continuing to make strides as it cut's a path into the world of mainstream authors. IDW Comics has a new series out written by celebrated writer Robert Bloch. Bloch is known for many short stories and of course his most celebrated tale, Psycho was of course made into a movie by one Alfred Hitchcock.

Bloch's story "That HellBound Train" has been adapted for the comic by Joe and John Lansdale, with the artwork supplied by Dave Wachter. Issues #1&2 are available now and ar priced at $3.99 per comic, but this is one of those tales that is worth your hard earned dollars.The opening story tells the tale of a young boy named Martin.

Martin as a young boy was raised by his father, who was a Railroad worker who walked the tracks for the CB&Q railroad company. His father loved the railroad, and it apparently loved him back.Martin's mother had left his father for a salesman who happened to work for the railroad. She never said good by to Martin.

Martin's father taught him everything that he knew about the trains that rode the tracks of he railroad. And one late evening as Martin was walking along the tracks with his father, he saw a mysterious train that seemed to ride outside the regular railway tracks. Martin asked his father about the dark, mysterious train, and his father warned him "That ain't one you want to know much about boy. It's midnbight. So that's the HellBound Train "

Of course there is more to this story obviously, but if I tell you anymore, then you won't go out and get the comic. What I will tell you is that the story is well paced, the art reflects the tone of the tale, and as young Martin grows older, like many of us, he succumbs to certain guilty pleasures, all the while waiting for the perfect moment to consummate his deal with the devil.

What I want to point out here is that with this story, and a few others that have been adapted to the comic art form, if someone were to say something to me about reading a comicbook at my age, all I would have to do is point out the comic book I'm reading, explain the premise to the already stunned person who was trying to embarrass me and gladly expound on the merits of the comic and the written word by authors such as Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King and H.G. Wells.

The times they are a changing indeed my comics loving friends and that's all the better for us all.

On the next edition of Comics Eye, I'm going to be talking about the New Flash Gorden series from Ardden Comics, try to round up so info from this past weekend's Comic-Con, and maybe have a review of the new Cap movie somewhere down the line, so till next time, grab a comic book and read it in front of everyone!


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