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Communication Center :)

Updated on October 16, 2016


I have been having loads of communications at the Communication Centre

It's a small business I joined two weeks ago in the month of September

My mom's elder brother is the owner and I help him out as a cashier

Now it has become my part time career :)

When my uncle is around I help with Sinhala and English typing

Most of the time taking photocopies which is quite exciting

Also putting reloads and writing different numbers

Using all types of different pen colours :)

When there are so many people around I felt quite uncomfortable at first

Trying to remember things is a struggle and sometimes its quite worst

But then again I have noticed that I'm learning and bit improved

However in that surrounding I am getting comfortable as it feels so good.


The very first day I was provided with a tasty but spicy lunch packet

I felt as if my stomach is like an active volcano that's going to burst

Even drinking water didn't calm the burning sensation of my tummy

Until I came home and drank two glasses of milk, then only felt much comfy.

However it brought some spicy childhood memories

Where my uncle used to feed my cousins on the teapoy table while sharing stories

I too was told to sit and eat with them though it was too spicey while he fed us

Trained to eat big mouthfuls and back then it was so much of fun for us.


So I meet different people at the communication centre

Some are friendly and nice as well as others in a hurry as they enter

Some even forget to pay when they take calls outside

Some got reasons not to pay for the uses of the machines inside.

I enjoy typing letters, notices and names as its quite fun to do

Sending fax, scaning and taking print outs seems interesting too

But mostly I like helping out in little ways as much as I can

Make others lives' work better as much as I can.


There's a chubby short pretty girl with lovely small curls who is nicer

She wanted to become a divinity teacher once but now a graphic designer

She is kind, soft and thoughtful though she's younger

The pink colour makes her pretty and more nicer.

Then another girl who enjoys teasing me sometimes there

It had taken twelve long years to grow her beautiful braided long hair

She does the serious typing and designing as she listens to music

I didn't ask much about her as she looks very serious and strict.


So there's a guy who is a 'Know-it-half but good in I.T' and an expert Origami Crafter

He likes being called 'Baby' and he's funny as he can be an annoying teaser like my brother

He's hairy with a full beard and short appearance with a big pot belly

Yet he's strong and hardworking as he's quite sweaty and smelly.

Also there's a girl who is at my age and will be resigning soon

She wants to go abroad, live with relations and make new memories soon

She works always with a smile, very lively and active

Small made with curls and quite attractive.

So there's this other girl who smile with her eyes and quite observant

Who has a soul of a kind hearted thoughtful servant

She has a good sense of humour as she's funny and jovial

Her personality and nature, I find it very interesting for a girl.

Trying to help those in need is sometimes not something I'm good at, unless someone ask me to do so, otherwise it tends to slip out of my brain. Sometimes not even sure whether that person who is in need of help would actually wants my help.

Slow and Steady

At the moment it's quite a new experience as I have to be alert and ready

Though I'm having fun and trying to make my pace while being steady

Five days of the week I give my helping hands as I deal with money

It's like being the Banker when I played the game 'Monopoly'.

It is a little sad when some males even drink alcohol in the morning or during lunch

When they come to the communication center, the stench is too much

Spends a lot of money on buying what destroys their health and wealth

Even that might affect their family responsibilities and mental health.


Since I do not watch Sinhala Tv dramas I don't know much about actors and actresses

So the others who work at the communication center tell me stories about the customers

Then there are some who comes to do shady illegal work from us

When that I.T guy rejects, those people say not nice things.


There are quite a lot of songs that I haven't heard before

The music fill my ears and make me hum the tune as I enter from the front door

Mostly I get to hear nice creative interesting stories

My mom says now she's happy and about me she has no worries.

There's a new girl who is just twenty working as a bookshop keeper

She's smart and brave always economical looking at the future

She's short and sweet who had worked as a life guard

Before she got married to her caring husband.

© 2016 rdsparrowriter


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