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Compare Twilight Books and Movies

Updated on August 18, 2015

I will start my comparison, with the notion that I'm not the biggest 'Twilight' fan. I have no preference to the books or the movies, as I have found flaws in both.

But, that aside, there is a huge difference between the 'Twilight' books and movies. Personally, if you're going to create a difference between the two, make sure that there is enough difference that creates intrigue and excitement. I mean, at least with the 'True Blood' series, the books and TV shows are vastly different, making both equally interesting.

When it came to watching and reading the 'Twilight' series, I had trouble keeping interest as the pages turned.

Honestly, I'm a little stumped as to how the popularity grew to the extent that it has grown. Simple writing and bad acting makes millions...

It's easy to see that there is a gap in the similarities between book and movie. This is generally due to the fact that the must be changes in the storyline to accommodate move viewers when compared to book readers.

This being said, there is no excuse for this series.

There are many differences in the first movie. For me, some of the points alter the storyline. Edward is supposed to be the one to kill the tracker- James, yet in the movie, Emmett and Jasper do the deed, yet throughout the movies, James' mate- Victoria- is still after Edward. Wouldn't it make sense to go after the other two?

Another diference in the scene, is that in the books, Edward knows when to stop sucking James' venom from Bella's wrist. In the movie, Edward has trouble stopping, which contradicts the strength and will that he's supposed to have.

Bella is supposed to be the slightly anti-social character, yet in the movie, she readily dresses up for prom and goes with reality ease after the big fight. In a way, this counteracts the personality and overall temperament of Bella, slightly drowning the effects of other aspects of the remaining movies.

As for 'New Moon,' there should have been two parts. When reading the book, the bulk of the story was about the growing relationship between Jacob and Bella. When watching the movie, this was covered in maybe 30 minutes. Without the background and growth between the characters, it's hard to truly see the relationship play out in the rest of the movies.

The simplest things are sometimes best.

This should have been kept in mind, especially when creating the giant werewolves. The movies would have been much more entertaining with more realistic wolves.

In movie three, my main gripe is that Edward is supposed to keep the engagement ring after Bella finally agrees to marry him. But, Bella keeps it, which is proven when Edward asks her where her ring is in the scene where he and Jacob are going to hiding her from the newborns. Then, at the end, she asks him for the ring back... So, this is confusing, who really has the ring? I think this was a major flaw in movie three. Edward can't ask her why she isn't wearing her ring if he really has it because that answers his question.

Another main difference in movie three and throughout the entire movie series, is that Bella isn't as adamant about not getting married as she is in the books. This again creates a different tone and overall temperament for her character.

Do you prefer the Twilight books or movies?

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    • profile image

      Joshua 4 years ago

      Also, this doesn't seem like a big thing, but they left out that in Twilight the book, Bella actually feinted at the sight of a drop of blood, or they idea of giving herself a prick on her finger in her Science class and passed out. Considering this is about Vampires I would assume that should be at least mildly important to be in both.

    • xethonxq profile image

      xethonxq 6 years ago

      Interesting hub. I differ from you however, as I loved the Twilight series...both the books and the movies, although the books are better in my opinion (that's what I always think when books are made into movies). Thanks for the differing opinion though.