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Conclusion-Just Keeps Getter Better-20

Updated on November 26, 2022

The Good Bye

Not long after, Jeremy Nunes flew first class to Europe, savoring every moment.
He was not ‘Nunes, the driver’ but Mister Nunes. Mr. Nunes... who always flew first class.

He slipped into a doze thinking of five wonderful weeks of royal treatment, blocking out Eva and his child, replacing them with great plates of food and goblets of drink and beautiful clothing...

When the plane landed, he emerged refreshed, happy, ready to be treated like
a King. He expected Eva to do everything to please him.

Considering Max was over a year old, and eating, he didn't expect Eva was still the milk jug, but she was.

Unlike his last visit, Jeremy was called upon to engage in sexual relations, which was hard and getting harder because Eva was so unattractive to him and smelled
of rotten milk..

He filled his mind with all the places she took him, all the things she bought him.

Fortuitously, Max had to sleep with his mother, so it was only four times Jeremy
had to pay his stay.

In his last week of vacation, as they sat over wine, Eva asked about the Divorce.
He proudly said he’d signed the Petition.
She looked at him, then away.

The Facts

Eva looked away then moved towards Max's room as if she'd heard him cry.
She hadn't. She just couldn't stay in the same room with Jeremy.

If the divorce had been drafted when he'd first spoken to the lawyer, Jeremy would have been divorced before Max was born. Eva calculated that the pocket change she'd given Robinson was probably the only money the lawyer had received.

That is why the petition was drafted.

If Jeremy had paid anything, even at ten dollars a week from the start, he’d be a free man today .

There was no way for Eva not to know that Jeremy had no intention of getting divorced if she hadn't pushed.

Eva was pushing him to get a divorce then would 'force' him to marry her.

That was reality.
There was no way not to know it.
Jeremy didn't want her, didn't want Max and didn't want to marry her.
It was as simple as that.

It did not bother her as much as she’d thought it would.

She had suspected, flying home with Max those long months ago, that Jeremy was reluctant to formalize their relation.

Oddly, Eva didn't feel as lost and rejected as she thought.

Last year she would have...
but Now...
Now she had Max.
Max filled her life.
He took her love and returned it, unconditionally.
She wasn’t the woman no one wanted, her son wanted her.

A Reassessment

If Eva wished to wallow in fantasy, she could assume her relationship (did she have a relationship?) with Jeremy would get better. But she didn't need a fantasy. There was no need to pretend.

He was the Company Driver when she met him, he was still the Company driver.

During the past two and half years he could have tried for another job; he could
have taken courses or made applications, but he hadn’t. He might complain about his position but he made no effort to change it.

Even if Jeremy loved her, (which she knew he didn’t) she’d have him and Max
to support for the foreseeable future.

Why deprive Max to benefit Jeremy?

There was no future with Jeremy.
Not here, not there, it had been no more than a meaningless affair which lasted
as long as she paid for it.

Silent Ending

Eva shrugged.

It wasn't a depressed capitulation gesture, it was a big so what? On par with this petrol station being closed so having to go to the one across the street.

Eva took a deep breath. She needn't concern herself about Jeremy any more. She had Max. She had a beautiful exotic looking little son. And the son filled her.

Eva returned to the dinner table with a sense of peace.

The peace continued during the days Jeremy was with her. She didn't initiate sex and noticed, for the first time, neither did he. Good.

She enjoyed the last few days she spent with Jeremy as if he were a casual friend, no one she had to please.

On his last day she drove him to the airport, watched his plane take off and said 'Good-bye.'

It was good bye.

She would not send for him again nor return to his country. She would not call him nor send money. She would let him go.

She drove home feeling content, knowing things would be getting better now that the chapter called 'Jeremy' in her life had closed.


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