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Condition of a classroom in the absence of teacher

Updated on September 28, 2011

Condition of a class room in the absence of teacher

You enter the classroom and “whoosh” a paper airplane narrowly missed your ear. What faces you is more of a mystery. You question yourself whether you have entered the fish market. Here and there you find a student covered in chalk dust. You open your mouth to call for silence but the only sound that comes out is more like a cry because some thing just hit you in the back. You turn around and are shocked to find a coke can lying behind you. You look around for the source of mischief but it is impossible to catch the culprit in all this havoc. Students are totally ignorant of your presence or rather ignoring you on purpose because they know if they are punished; it would be a combined detention which can only mean one thing….more fun!! And then you suddenly see a boy snatching lunch from his fellow who starts crying on the top of his lungs for his mum. You are confused if these young people were ever under the influence of monkeys and then whistling from a corner…whole classroom represents a zoo. In every class you can find a student who is highly qualified in imitating animals and can easily sing in the voice of various birds. This student you can find sitting in the corner, near the window, gazing intently at the birds and totally oblivious to his surroundings. It’s hardly his fault, his talent is not very common and he can easily qualify for a veteran.

You look around and can’t believe your eyes. “Hey! You just pushed me.” “No, I did not. You should better go and see the doctor.” And than a tearing sound…the collar of one student and other’s sleeve are torn…the next minute they start laughing finding the situation funny….what a fine example of friendship. There is also a group of students displaying their singing talent and surprisingly one is able to sneak a guitar. How loud the singing is and how well the student is playing the guitar is another discussion but in the present condition it seems your ear drums will burst any moment. There are also a few enjoying the “concert” and clapping and beating desks. You are still trying to digest what you are witnessing when there is a “crash”, a window was broken right under your nose by the “players”.

The biggest surprise you get is the student whom you considered to be very shy and decent. He is trying to climb the walls; one is sitting on the dice and another hanging from the window. How can you forget the bookworms? There is a group comprising of two or three students in all who have their nose in books but even you can tell that their brain is not responding and they are looking for some point of escape.

Such a situation is easily found in a classroom where the teacher has been called for some important mission. God knows if these children are left to themselves for a whole day what will be the consequences. Either they will burn down the school building or turn it into a Jurassic park. You are about to go for a rescue team when the Principal arrives only to look for the source of this noise and finding the classroom depicting “Murghzar”. The reality dawns upon you like the summer sun that not only the students but you are also going to face serious consequences now. Your only thought now is to have an invisibility cloak or the ability to apparate but alas….wished didn’t come true in this life!!


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    • kanzb profile image

      kanzb 2 years ago

      I will.. :) noproblem :)

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 2 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      What? Read "Lean against the Wind?" Get ready to read one of the books that will change the way you feel about special education students and teaching. Please post a review when you are done at Amazon after you have read it. Thank you, Kanzb. RJ

    • kanzb profile image

      kanzb 2 years ago

      Actually when I wrote it I was a Junior High Student myself. :D Now I am a medical student and I miss all this fun. :)

      I have never thought of being a teacher because the idea scares me. :) Now a days teachers don't get the respect and attention they deserve. :)

      I will read it for sure. :)

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 2 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      I was a Special ed teacher all my life and this certainly could occur to a teacher at any time! Substitutes surely run into this everyday. I know so often I would see something like this, but could easily have everyone's attention and respect in a short minute. It is something learned. Also, you cannot fool the children at all. They can sense who a person is and when they see a person who truly cares, it all changes in a heartbeat. I describe my life in a novel "Lean Against the Wind" available at Amazon. All five stars for all who take the time to read it.

      Well done.

    • kanzb profile image

      kanzb 6 years ago

      I am really happy that you people liked it. :)

      @ JenniferRW Murghzar is the zoo in my vicinity :)

    • JeniferRW profile image

      Jen 6 years ago from Couch

      Very funny and interesting Hub! Voted Up/funny/interesting, Also quick question what is 'Murghzar'? Just for my own personal curiosity.

    • iwansaptiko profile image

      iwansaptiko 6 years ago

      So is the situation if the teacher is not respected by the students. One more interesting hub and picture. Good job!