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Condom-nation of A Litterbug.

Updated on January 30, 2010

Condom-nation Of The Litterbug.


I am a condom,
stripped from
the hardness of love,
then coldly tossed
alongside a curb.

Shriveled I lie
in a pearl
and latex splash,
pasted to the cement
of the road.

Some kind of
asphalt I'm sure,
cause it was that
unkind asses fault,
for wasting me,
but he could not know,
that I now contain,
the cure for
one of man's
greatest disease.

If only I had been left
in the tight clasp of
my leather home,
tucked deep among
the dead presidents,
rather then in
the tight clasp

of her flesh,
then my contents would
have been

properly introduced
to her lovely

egg instead.

Amazingly a

cure for cancer
would have

been fertilized,
born in nine

or so months
and eventually

grown up to be
the doctor who would
have claimed it.

Alas I am road kill,
as brilliance dries

hope's remains
in a latex coffin,
somewhere along

Route 69.



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    • profile image

      seasoning 8 years ago

      interesting, and thought provoking, is what it is, adult, and brilliant, thanks

    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago


      This is both funny n sad... how does one know which way to turn in such a dilemma... :)