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Updated on February 1, 2017

Confined, compelled, tethered, wrapped in chains and cold iron...

I linger within a limited space of darkness and despair. A space where the light is banned from reaching, and hope is so withdrawn it is no longer an emotion, but an remanence of what was, or of what dreams would be.

I still feel the lost and forsaken pieces of my soul, my life, my being within. Reaching- with arms wide open, reminding me that love, light, attention, affection, and true sincerity of the purest nature of man still exists, when in fact the paths that have led to where I am now... Deny me the benefit of a doubt to accept thoughts of happiness, thoughts of love, thoughts of pure meaning and belonging. For experience is not bound by lies, it is not biased, and it shall remain as a proven fact.

I wander lost, marked, and tethered- for what is left of this beautiful, rare, and kind soul drifts within thee... while the external being has been ripped apart, burnt, and blown away with the wind.

Such is the story of life itself, how can something so pure, so rare, so magnificent, and so beautiful possibly survive in the harshest of environments?

How can it thrive when no one accepts? How can it conquer above all- when the world denies it? How can there continue to be hope in a world full of despair? I have been damned, forsaken on this earth, lingering in this darkness forevermore.

“Confined, compelled, tethered, wrapped in chains and cold iron...”


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