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Confounded- a poem

Updated on February 28, 2012
Two worlds. Source:
Two worlds. Source:
In two minds Source:
In two minds Source:
Logic Vs Emotion Source:
Logic Vs Emotion Source:


By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Confounded by the complexity of human choice,

I follow the course of rationality and logic,

only to be defeated by the core of emotion,

the driving force of a dichotomy.

Humanity bases all thought on the process of logic,

yet acts on the illegitimate hub of emotion,

the swell of which empowers great accomplishments,

as well as acts of irreverence and ill-intent.

We seek to find peace through rationalising life,

yet find war through emotionalising it,

giving rise to surges of righteous belief,

justified by religious and political conviction.

Should we follow the course of logic alone,

how would life ensue?

Without emotion there would be no love,

no compassion or empathy.

Without love where would be no humanity,

simply the orchestrated action of animation,

the rational steps of beings without joy,

without the conviction and purpose of life.

Logic alone cannot save humanity, end the wars.

It is the choice of love that gives purpose to our future.

We may be a dichotomy of action, but without love,

there can never be peace.

Our thoughts require both the ability to rationalise,

and to empathise, to care about one another.

The world can only exist in peace

with a balance of two worlds.

Our thoughts of logic, our hearts of love,

the balance on which our future rests.


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