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Short Story. Consideration Part (4)

Updated on November 28, 2011

Consideration” Part (4)

“The Miracle”

The nurses all huddled by their nursing station, they made everything look quite normal by their demeanor, but it was obvious that something rather interesting was going on, and I was quite sure it had something to do with me, not only did I have this gut feeling, but that look in Dr Richards eyes when he looked at me before he hurried off, clearly told me that something was happening and whatever it was, it was related to me. And to make matters worse the nurse that was giving the message to Dr. Richards, never took her eyes off me since he left. It was as if she was told, to keep an eye on me.

I could not say what got over me, but something inside me told me to press the button signaling that I needed assistance and I did. They all saw the number of the room that lit up my room number was 1018. The nurse that seems to be keeping an eye on me said to the head nurse, I got it, and proceeded to my room.

Calling these things rooms, one would think that it’s some cordoned off, barricaded area, but this hospital was not like that, it was like a boarding house run by nurses. We were all sitting / lying around this nursing station, and based on the nature of your injury you would be cordoned off, otherwise you were always in full view of the nurses in this circle.

As the nurse reached my station, looking almost happy to be this close, and in the friendliest voice one can hear, She said what did you feel Pompeii? I said nothing really, I just got this urge to call someone, but what I was really thinking, was why did Dr. Richards say: this is impossible; I am with the client here?

Oh she said: that we will find out soon, and let you know. Just relax for a moment I will be right back, lean forward

I said well some how I feel something is happening to the bandages on my back, as I sat there I felt this need to ask someone to check them. She said alright, lean over, and I did.

She started slowly removing some of the bandages, as I felt her hands suddenly went sort of limp, and she said wow! I asked her what it is. She said, just hold on for one second Pompeii, and let me know what you are feeling when I touch you. I said alright, she said here, I said I feel you’re poking, she pressed a little firmer, and I said, it’s the same thing.

She said ok, you can sit up, and just hold on for a moment. She hustled over to the nursing station, and said something in the head nurse’s ear, and the head nurse pulled my chart. Again knowing something funny was going on, I took my both hands and hugged myself very tightly. To my surprise I felt nothing, not even a slight bit of soreness on any part of my back, and that was strange , but the truth is I really cannot remembering any pain since waking up that day, in this Hospital.

The nurse even forgot the dressing right there on the bed, as I took it from behind me, there was nothing whatsoever on the dressing cloth, it was like brand new. I looked up and there was the head nurse and the other nurse walking briskly coming my way, still holding the dressing in my hand I asked what’s going on? The head nurse said to me, Pompeii let me have a look at your back. I said sure nurse, and I leaned forward. all that time no one is paying any attention to the bandage on my head. But I heard, oh my God !

I said: what is going on nurse, what is happening?

She looked at me, dead in the eyes and said Pompeii; I think I have seen my very first Miracle!

With that she dropped to her knees and started to pray. The other nurse, she seems not actually sure as having any know of what to do, she tried to get the attention of the head nurse, but to no avail, she was praying. The other nurses all left what they were doing, and came to my room all standing in amazement

And while trying to get the attention of the head nurse, who clearly at this point was in some sort of fixation , because every attempt at getting her up failed and she simply kept on praying.

The phones were now ringing off the hook the other patients were all slowly being made aware of what was going on , no one seem to know what to do . Some people started coming in the door or the room I could not recognize the faces but then they looked as it was , my Mother , father and my................?

To be cont.....................


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      I had a choice to watch the game or get up and write , there is no competition there , writing wins , but the confirmation came with my TV don't get the ESPN 1. So the lord truly works in those strange ways , when you believe.

      Thanks brethren Frank and it's on the way.


    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      This story is so considerate.. I loved it! had to vote way up and awesome my friend :) can't wait for the next installment