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Constantly Forgiving

Updated on October 6, 2014

I've heard it said before, forgive and always forgive.

I've forgiven once, but it seems to continue...

Constantly forgiving is where I find myself.

In order to live life peacefully it's just something that needs to be.

Forgiving takes away the burdens,

It takes away the pain,

It takes away the worries and OH just see the freedom you will gain.

Forgiveness for even the little things will make such a difference.

Try it and see

To forgive them is actually helping you indeed.

You see, they hear I'm sorry and move on with their life.

You hear I'm sorry and don't let it go, so YOU go through the strife.

To truly forgive is to let go...

Nobody's perfect, you know?

Whatever they did, find it in your heart and let go.

Just wait and see, you will feel set free.

Let go of the hurt and let go of the pain.

Give it to God and live again.


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    • profile image

      barbara graves 3 years ago

      very nicel said and it's oh so true... we must forgive, Don't have your blessing blocked because you don't forgive... Forgive NOW!