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Constellation of Thoughts

Updated on September 3, 2011

Constellation of thoughts

The mind is a tool which is often used but seldom thought about.

Two thirds of the human brain is not used and begs the question, why not?

Only one third which like a control centre keeps all bodily functions working, memory, decisions, and emotions online in a conscious capacity allowing us to complete our day to day tasks.

My theory why this organic computer only uses limited resources, is because through uncontrolled inbreeding at about the time of the Biblical Genesis period.

Because of this 'inbreeding' at the beginning of our existence corrupted the purity and mind of these early relations of Mankind.

I believe the first two people who populated this planet was not some religious couple as depicted by the Bible but two people from another Galaxy, I can visualise a more credible explanation.

There was (maybe) a King and Queen who was banished from their own world by an intelligence which became known as God.

The reason for this isolation on this world is unclear, but this “Adam and Eve” who were super intelligent beings and able to utilise all their brain matter to it's fullest potential were placed here by this, let me say positive force, and deprived of their normal mental powers and heightened functions

and were only granted limited power in order to survive.

Their memories of their previous existence was taken away so as to place them at a basic level of existence but just enough ability to survive.

But Man's instinct and curiosity were left in order to motivate advancement.

The spirit of Man now isolated here was aware of some primeval link with a god like creature in the heavens.

Man adapted to this situation and multiplied according to his basic animal instincts.

Man's intelligence lowered to absolute minimum began to receive stimuli and information of his environment.

The total transformation was necessary in order to promote success.

Man had to start from scratch, with the only inbred instruction of survival, the positive force retreated and placed a negative force for balance, and any misconceptions were swiftly altered.

Man was reduced to a savage beast with limited communication skills so he was unable to question his predicament.

Thus the story of Man was born and history began to unfold as man advanced and prospered upon the Earth.

That is the reason Man has such a fascination with the stars and space, because he knows deep down within his subconscious that “out there” lays the answers to his questions and the reasons why he was banished to this isolated planet.


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  • Mark Psychedlic profile image

    Mark Hodges 6 years ago from Birmingham UK

    Truth is stranger than fiction Namaste

  • Naomi's Banner profile image

    Naomi's Banner 6 years ago from United States

    Sounds like a fairy tale for sure. Nice Hub of fiction.