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Contemporary Cautionary tale

Updated on May 12, 2011

The Chief Defect of Bobby Haynes

In the same vein as ,Henry King', who 'ate little bits of string', children should take advice from their parents as to what is good for them.

The chief defect of Bobby Haynes 
Was eating fast food from the chains: 
He guzzled burgers, pizzas, chips

Anything would pass his lips.

The weight piled on and he grew fat,

Obese and lazy, not just that

His guts were groaning from the spoil

Of sugar, carbs, MSG and oil.


His parents googled the best physicians,

Obesity specialists, dieticians,

All these pros were duly called

And when they arrived they were appalled.


They each announced concern, disquiet

For this suffering boy’s unhealthy diet,

They asked why his parents gave permission

For their son to consume such grim nutrition.

“He wouldn’t eat his fruit or greens

We thought his size was in the genes 
He swallowed kebabs when he was younger

We didn’t want him to die of hunger.” 
“Well there’s nothing medicine can cure,”

Declared the medics, “we are sure 

Without you parents determinedly infringing

To stop his frenzied fast food binging.”


“He’ll die unless you feed him health’ly
For breakfast, dinner, lunch and tea.”

But Bob’s mum continued unwitting abuse

By giving in to her son’s bad choice.


Mum, dad both knew their son was grave

And when he demanded drink they gave
Him fizzy pop to quench his thirst, 
With that, the wretched child just burst. 



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