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Content Writing-Steps Not to Miss!

Updated on July 2, 2014

Content Writing

Creative Content Writing

This kind of writing involves writing for various sites such as websites, blogs, online magazines, press releases and journals. The catchy and enticing information in your writing is what keeps most readers glued to your content, especially the online online readers who seem not to have time reading. 20 seconds or less is ultimately the average time the internet user spends reading your content. This therefore means the content should be catchy as possible. The following steps are going to be useful enough to you, to be able to come up with such content.

1: Clarity.

Internet readers do not always have time to read the contents. This therefore requires that your content must be clear and easy to understand. It should not have ambiguous words, lest the readers shun visiting your website. Again, let your mind be out clearly on the content. Do not leave the reader figuring out what exactly you wanted to put down.

2: The content should be short and precise.

Go straight to the point. Avoid long descriptive words for this in turn will make your content lose its meaning. It will also turn out irrelevant to the reader. Using short, concise statements will hold the customers, as it will bring clearly what you are trying to bring across.

3: Fast things first.

The reader wants information about something, and so that is what should come first in the first paragraph. Let the idea come out first paragraph. Avoid bringing history or background information about an important thing in the other paragraphs.

4: The content should be rich with keywords.

Keywords’ are the short words or phrases that are used in searching for information about a particular product or service. The keywords are very important in a way that they make the content in your website search engine friendly. For instance, when writing about cosmetics then you will mention the lotions, creams, powder…etc.

5: Lose not the proximity of your keyword.

Keyword proximity is referred to as the number of keywords used in a statement. Try as much as possible not to stuff the keywords in a statement for this will show negative impact on your website. Also learn to chose the appropriate keyword, as in do not be irrelevant in choosing the keyword to be used.

When writing content, always have the mentioned tips at your finger tips. That in line, you will be able to do contents that are appealing, catchy and so attractive to your customers. This will realize good sale for your products and services. The steps above when followed, you will realize how content writing is such an easy task. It will also make your contents top above every other.

Try them and you will like the whole stuff.

Custom Writing

How to Get Quality Content

Many of us find ourselves in situations where we need several articles to be developed and much as you can write, you do not have enough time. At that point, the best thing to do is to research for a good content writer, which can be a company or an individual.


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    • whitehatseoservic profile image

      Benard Onyango 3 years ago from Kenya

      Thanks. I had thought of it though am yet to find a good affiliate system which I can use.I will keep researching.

    • techhound profile image

      techhound 3 years ago

      I took a look at the writing services website. That seems like a great service. I bookmarked the site for when I need some content written.

      Also, you should consider creating an affiliate program as that could lead to a lot more business. I have content creation services where I sometimes get an influx of new requests and I could throw the overflow your way.

      Best Regards,