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Continuity of Life

Updated on October 23, 2012
Spring Bursts Forth
Spring Bursts Forth | Source
Springtime bliss
Springtime bliss | Source

As frozen and barren lands begin to thaw,

Signs of life spring forth.

Grass begins to grow and deepen in hues of green,

While flowers climb through melting earth.

Trees, naked and alone, now silently budding

As life seeps through slumbering limbs.

Wind, once sharp and shattering,

Making cheeks blush and fingers numb,

Blows like a breath of fresh air.

Sending soft warmth across revived lands.

Spring, holding past and future promises,

Escorts renewed existence with a driving passion.

Trees and flowers, thriving and flourishing,

As blossoming lands reveal continuity of life.


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