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Contradictions in Love

Updated on August 12, 2016

Seeing her illuminating presence, brought clarity to my life,

while her intoxicating aroma, brought bewilderment to my soul,

the soft, sweet touch of her skin nourished my desires,

while the luscious taste of her lips had me yearning for more,

I will forever treasure every moment we had together,

our memories worth more than silver and gold,

I still remember the honeyed sound of her voice,

I still remember every succulent, sweet story she told

However, our relationship was never meant to last forever,

looking back at it sometimes I wish it never began at all,

Your spirit lifted me up to heights I never dreamed of reaching,

So I never prepared myself for the nightmare when I was about to fall

It's ironic how your once illuminating presence,

would eventually bring darkness to my heart,

It is not your fault you were struggling to identify yourself,

but in finding your identity mine had to be torn apart

Next time a true relationship presents itself,

I will be sure to always remember this,

A relationship is not "us" together, but

rather "you" and "I" choosing to enter bliss

You were the wind beneath my wings,

and I choose to emulate Icarus,

but my love for you lifted me too high

and scorched the bonds of our relationship,

So now I see myself falling fast,

the breeze is rushing past me by,

the wind which once picked me up,

is swooshing past as our love dies,

If ever another lovely tempest blow,

and tries to steer me back up again,

I will not rush up to the sky,

but level all my emotions then.

Have you ever written a poem about an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend?

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This poem describes the good feelings one may have about an ex-girlfriend. Even though the relationship didn't work out, does not mean one's thought about the girlfriend may be negative, yet the pain of the loss may linger

© 2016 James


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    • profile image

      Surabhi Kaura 

      2 years ago

      Johnny, my friend. Quite a sentimental poem. Love knows not 'mine' or 'thine'... it is an imperishable sea that flows eternally unbeknownst of heavy winds encroaching upon the Soul of the Universe. But, you are right, memories always cross our path.

    • Johnny James A profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Thank you very much nnms. I am trying to improve my writing by using this site. I love hubpages as it allows me an outlet for my thoughts and feelings.

    • nnms profile image

      Seiboi Misao 

      2 years ago from India

      What a beautiful lines...romantic, melancholic and insightful. I wish I could write beautiful poems like you.


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