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The hearts.

Updated on November 7, 2014

The conversation,

of two hearts,

no one knows,

except hearts,

saying to tide,

each other,

the bond of love,

unbreakable ever.

Your smile,

seems like,

hundreds of,

sparkles light.

your touch,

enables beats,

speedily much,

your breathing,

a line of fire,

shivered me.

a lust of desire.

It's the light,

in your eyes,

song of love,


The springs,

is also with us,

surrounded with,

spectrum of love.

What you say,

I say the same,

Let me become,

shadow of flame,

You and I,

are now one,

between us,

there is none.

Come, I want,

kissing your lips,

as a love song,.

always slips,

Intending to drink,

want to sink,

deep in dreams,

and you think,

in your eyes,

a very long fly,

far in the air,

beyond the dare,

Listen our eyes,

whispering in ears,

the stories of love,

with no more tears,

very very soft,

extremely lovely,

making a promise,

not to leave lonely.

This is the love,

Our love,

The true love,

to which both of us............ love.


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