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Conversations with God : a book review

Updated on July 5, 2012

This collection of Neale’s first three books has had a wonderful impact on my life and how I experience the world around me.

Reader Beware! Many organized religion attendees have found the ideas and concepts in this book to be blasphemous. Discussions of these concepts may cause arguments with friends and family.

The title says it all, Neale has recorded his communication with God for the purpose of sharing with us the important messages of our day. To believe or not to believe is the question you must answer while reading, the choice is yours. Freewill is our ability to choose and that is what life is about. New ways of thinking and living our lives flood forth from these pages. Sorry, I got a bit biblical there … anyways on with the review.

Before reading Conversations with God (CWG), I was searching for answers and spiritual meaning to life, love and the universe. Thanks to God and Neale I have some clarity and found that many of my own feelings, thoughts and ideas to be true (or at least shared by others). CWG is easy to read and follow but does require an open mind and focus to grasp the messages within. I have read many of the chapters over an over again, making sure I understood each before moving on. I will now take some time to briefly summarize some of the concepts found in these pages.

God is it.

Let me start with the idea that God is all that exists and that everything we see, hear, or feel is part of him/her, including ourselves. This calls to the front of my mind the Golden Rule “Do on to others what you would have them do on to you”. Since we are all one, then what we do to others effects us indirectly. If you ponder this you will know it to be true. Would you punch yourself in the face?… No you won’t, so you don’t punch others in the face. Well, maybe you do, but your just hurting yourself and you will learn that sooner or later. God is all, but in order for god to know that, he needs to experience the opposite which is why she created us. We feel separate from god because our souls have (by choice) forgotten what it is to be God. Forgotten so we and God can experience that which we are not without judgment.

Love is all there is

God is love and love is all there is because everything comes from love. All other emotions come from their parent LOVE, including fear, anger, and jealousy. Case in point we get ANGRY when we learn that our other half has been with someone else because we LOVE them and ourselves this LOVE causes us to get JEALOUS and become FEARFUL that they will leave us all alone to LOVE another. Another example is a mothers LOVE can cause FEAR when her child puts itself in a harmful situation such as playing the road. Which causes the mother to become ANGRY when the child does not obey her warnings to stay away from the road. Analysis of any situation can reveal this to be true, more details are in the book.

Heaven and Hell

These are the creation of a society that wants you to believe in a judgmental God, in a God that punishes you for doing wrong (which is relative). If God is infoulable and all-powerful, and we are made in his image then we would never do anything that was not right in his eyes. God does not judge and neither should we. Heaven is the soul’s return to God, the only hell that exists in the afterlife is the hell we make for ourselves out of guilt for the way we lived our lives.

Right and Wrong

The idea of something being right or wrong is like the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. A thing can only be right if we judge it to be, the same goes for wrong, bad, beautiful, ugly, etc. Our relationships with people, places, and things is what determines our judgment of them, so each person’s idea of right or wrong, good or bad, pretty or ugly is only relative to the individual not the whole. Food is a good example, lets say the tomato. My brother absolutely hates the taste of tomatoes if asked he would say they are bad and should be wiped from the planet. Me on the other hand enjoy tomatoes and would say they are good, one of the best fruits in the world. Oh no! I forgot some people think tomatoes are vegetables not fruit, which is another example of the relative judgments we make during our experience in this physical world. The more we learn how not to judge, the closer we are to enlightenment.

The above and more subjects are covered in CWG including aliens, sex, and politics.

I have described some of the lessons I have learned in my words, maybe you will perceive something different out of what you read and answer your own question about the universe.

I highly recommend this book to any person who has ever had one or more of the following thoughts:

Why am I here?

What is the purpose of life?

Which religion is the right one?

Do aliens exist?

Is there a God?

Why has God done this to me?

Is sex a sin?

Before reading I recommend watching the CWG movie, to get the story behind the books.

Coming soon a review of ‘When Everything Changes, Change Everything’. I’m sure it will be just as insightful.


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    • profile image

      slave of God 6 years ago

      very interesting theory,very complex and revolutioalized.However each one of us can come up with his or her own theory to find out the nature of God and the secrets of existence.The writer is but a human like everybody else,so nn one should take his ideas for granted.My theory is the following:"We are not God's children or parts or atoms,we are God's slaves,whether we like it or not"of course we don't accept it,and we try to convince ourselves that we are totally free.But what does "free" means?and can we be free from the natural rules that govern this world.We can only be free when God gives us our freedom.He knows what freedom means,but we ignore it.

    • profile image

      mobile themes 7 years ago

      very great book is this ..

    • profile image

      rakuba 7 years ago

      We all have been brainwashed for 2000 years.

    • profile image

      bradkevans 8 years ago

      I had the same experience... was looking for a way to confirm what, to most, were "uncommon" thoughts. No biblical answers, lots of metaphysical interpretations, and these first 3 books confirmed what I'd understood from an early age. Thank you god for showing me that everything has a purpose and that we're all part of it... that we are all part of the divine. That's about as free as you can get. We are all creators... and this finally lays bare what's always been there, available for each of us to expand, explore and exploit

    • profile image

      Chris 8 years ago

      I read these books several years ago and found them to be amazing at the time. I have since looked at them more critically and with my renewed faith in Jesus Christ as my savior have discovered some disturbing ideas in the books that contradict the bible. It really is a promotion of Pantheism and gives you the sense that all is well, no need to worry. Please remember that the "enemy" is highly skilled in deception and what was the original cause of the fall of man? The lie that we do not need God because we already are Gods ourselves.