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Cool Off

Updated on July 4, 2014

Cool As A Cucumber

The humidity was high

The temperature hitting 85

My wife hates the heat

At the same time she doesn't want to put the air conditioners in

She says there is nothing like a beautiful breeze

I agree

We have a stand up fan on

A ceiling fan in our bedroom

I work in a hot kitchen at work

So I have learned to deal with the heat

My wife gets hot real fast

I put the air conditioner in the car on for her

Unless it's cool outside then we have the windows down and catch the fresh air

Soon we will put two air conditioners in

We are suppose to have a few more cool days

Then we waited long enough

I will drag out the two air conditioners out of the back closet

Then they are in for the summer

One in our bedroom and one in the living room

The house cools down quick

I never did like the heat when I was young

I would play Rummy 500 with my mom on those hot summer days

We had so much fun

I miss you mom

Coming up on two years and I still think of you often

I would put your air conditioners in your home

I remember how you hated the heat too

It's funny how life turns out

We just never know when our time is up

I am so happy we got to spend so many good times enjoying each others company

I will always wish we had more

Now I sit here late at night and type

I close my eyes and picture you sitting in the chair next to me

You doing your crossword puzzle and me writing a story

Both doing what we love

Then you picking it up because your eyes got tired

Then me saying I am almost done

Let's go to a few stores

My mom loved to shop for the bargains

I would go look at some books

Together we got some great deals

Then we had certain things we liked we put on a watch list

Too expensive to buy now

We liked it but would wait to see if would go on sale

Then we would come home and eat a bowl of ice cream

Then turn on the t.v. to watch a good sitcom

It didn't take much to please us

I know when we both got tired

You would sleep on the couch and I would head off to bed

I made sure you had a radio

You loved to listen to it while in bed

It was so nice having up the house

Off we both would go

Sleeping like two logs

Anything could happen while we were a sleep

We would never hear it

Sure enough one day would end and another day would begin

Happy 4th of July

I bet you get the best view of the fireworks

Last night it was cloudy

The fireworks went off just before the rain storm

Pleasant dreams and a kiss up to heaven good night

p.s. Give my love to dad

I miss you both so much

Life goes on and you taught me well

I will never forget all the good things you shared with me

They continue to keep me out of trouble and happy


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