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Cool Pics Of Everything You Love To Do

Updated on April 28, 2011

Why I Am Never Bored

There are times in our life that mean the world to us

Each moment is so exciting we want to underline all we do as if it was a story that we never want to forget

It starts with just one thing and before you know it you have a list

Of all the things that make us laugh and smile

We pull out the camera and catch that moment

We try to freeze our emotions in time

So we can go back and relive that excitement

By seeing our faces and our actions

Before you know it we have pictures of all our family and friends

Sharing in the fun

Not just one day but many

We get to travel on all the trips we have gone on

Those special times in church where they say no cameras please

So let's put the pictures aside for a minute

Lets travel in our heads

To all the days that we remember

That make everything in our life better than good

Even close to great

We have the special gift of seeing in our mind all the wonderful memories we have ever had

Let every feeling show

That is who we are and who makes us different from evryone else

We all have different times that we hold in our top ten list

So later you can go back to the photos that are in the thousands

My favorite times are when I am sitting alone quietly

I rewind and fast forward like a d.v.d. player and search for all my earth shattering adventures

I can find in my mind and replay them over and over endless times

I can't wait to get up and go on with my day

I know soon there will be more new memories to add to everything I already know


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