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Cool Ways To Make Money Online

Updated on March 19, 2013

Ways To Write And Earn

Writing Articles

There are two ways that you can make money online for writing articles. You can post them under a revenue sharing website for some of the residual profits, or you can sell the rights to customers. In order to make money from a revenue sharing service you will need to optimize your articles for search engines. This is the only way to bring enough traffic to make you any money. On the other hand, if you decide to sell articles to the highest bidder, you can do that through one of the various services on the web.


Setting up a blog is one of the easiest things to do on the internet. Blogging is free, and you can make money by hosting advertising as well as providing your readers with affiliate links. The only catch is that you will need to promote and update the blog constantly. In order to develop a stable reader base, you must optimize your blog for search engines by providing unique content. If you are able to connect with a niche audience, you will make good money.

For more on writing and earning online check out


Playing Games

Believe it or not, this is a legitimate way to make some money. You won’t be able to live off of the money you make from playing games though. There are several websites that will actually pay you to play games. These gaming sites have created an ingenious system to entice you to sign up for programs. They make so much money on the advertising by convincing you to sign up for free trials and click on ads that they can pay you to play games. It is a good practice to not sign up for anything that these sites are selling unless you absolutely want the item or service.

Social Linking

If you have participated in online article submission, you will know the importance of creating links for search engine optimization purposes. There are social linking sites that will pay for you to post links with a short description of the blog or article being linked to. This is usually done through sharing a portion of the advertising revenue or by views.

Read Emails

You can actually get paid to read emails. There are a few places that will pay about three cents for every email you read. This is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. However, you will only be sent approximately three emails per day. You will only make the thirty dollar payout about once a year.



Mock Trial Juror

One of the strangest ways to earn online is to become a mock trial juror.  Lawyers in your area pay a lot of money to test their case out on human jurors.  Your profile will have to fit the profile of the suspected jury in order for you to be chosen.  Because of this, you will not receive many offers to participate.  Joining multiple mock trial sites will increase the amount of trials you can partake in.  These trials pay approximately thirty dollars for a one hour trial.

Write an E-book

Have you ever thought about sharing your knowledge with the world?  An E-book is a great way to sell your knowledge without any of the hassle of advertising.  By setting up your own affiliate program, you can have other people sell your E-Book on their blogs, articles and websites.  This makes an E-Book a 100% profit opportunity.  All you have to spend is time.  It is a good practice to give out a portion of your e-book for free to entice people into buying it.


Sell Your Artwork

If you are skilled at graphic design, or just with a pencil, you can sell your artwork online just like photography.  By submitting your artwork to sites for royalties or resale, you can earn a pretty penny every month.  Obviously you will earn more money every month if you are able to submit more artwork.  This does not mean that the quality should suffer though.  You should focus on creating the best possible artwork and you will receive the best possible prices.

Whatever method you choose to make money online, it is important to enjoy what you are doing.  Work will never seem like work if it is something that you are passionate about.  The internet can be a profitable venue, but only if you are willing to put in the work.  Nothing is free in this world, and you should remember that when looking for online opportunities

Flashes That Make Cash

Selling Photography

You can make a decent amount of money if you are a photographer by selling your photography on one of the many micro stock websites across the internet. People will pay for photographs to enhance their websites or web writing and you can make a small amount of the profits. In order to make money this way you should join multiple micro stock sites and post your photos on all of them. It will also be important to use proper keywords when describing your photographs. This will help to increase your monthly royalties.

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling someone else’s product and taking a commission. This can be done several ways. You can post links on your website or blog in a relevant topic to increase sales. You can also create landing pages for your affiliate links and advertise them directly on Google. Some article submission sites even allow you to place affiliate links in the articles you contribute. A combination of these methods is a good way to supplement your other online ventures.

Online Data Entry

There are a lot of companies looking to outsource data entry jobs. You can find these types of positions across the internet on the various different freelance sites. Data entry jobs are tedious and you need to be able to type at lightning speed to make a decent hourly wage, but if this interests you, opportunities are out there.


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