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A Cool Alternative in Audiobooks

Updated on November 30, 2010

There is nothing more enjoyable than being read to: perhaps it is a reminder of childhood bedtime stories or lazy afternoons in school. When it's done well you can close your eyes and feel like the book's world has come to life right in front of you. Perhaps it is why audiobooks have become so popular. There are many bestseller books that are recorded as audiobooks almost as quickly as the paper version is released and are often read by the author themselves. Whilst there is a wide array of bestselling and popular fiction in the audiobook market, there may be times when you want a more unusual or individual title for a special person. If you find yourself looking for a unique audiobook gift for a bookworm that you know, then check out CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing.

Operating as a partnership based in Sarasota, Florida, it is run by, in their own words, 'a Silicon Valley refugee and a flower child entrepeneur'. What makes CoolBeat, which is both a traditional publishing house as well as an audio publisher, especiallly cool is that each audio book they sell is created by them (using state of the art studio-grade microphones and recording equipment) and is not available anywhere else. With an impressive array of talented and experienced voice actors, the owners can take considerable pride in the fact that each audiobook (available in downloadable mp3 format or as a CD in a plastic case) that they create is of the highest quality. Other people think so too! Their titles have won the Audiofile Earphone award and have been finalists for the APA Audie award; print versions of their books have also been nominated for the Nebula and Hugo awards.

If you have a look at their catalog you'll find an eclectic range of material including (among others) historical books, woman's interest, science fiction and (especially notable) several books of Native American Indian stories. Some of their more unique titles include the global travels of a nudist and an audiobook reinterpretation of a musical stage play.

Coolbeat audio books are aimed at the widest range of readers (or listeners!) including adults, children and juniors. In an increasingly electronic age where children are spending an increasing amount of time in front of a television, computer or video game, audiobooks represent a great opportunity to remind them of the pleasure of reading and enjoying a good book. Educators are certainly aware of the importance of this for children but it's not only the younger generation that needs a reminder: according to a 2007 study by the National Endowment for the arts, 40% of American adults aged 25 to 44 and nearly 50% of those aged between 18 and 24 never read books for pleasure. An audiobook could be the answer – especially a cool audiobook!

A catalog of their audiobook titles is available from their website including a short excerpt from each. If you want to hear a complete audiobook you can also tune into Book Radio on the net (available on Sirius channel 117 or XM channel 163) where Coolbeat audiobooks have been serialised. So if you want a great gift for someone or simply enjoy being read to, you owe it to yourself to have a look at Coolbeat.


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