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Corner Hub: Thursday May 12th, 2011

Updated on May 12, 2011

Hubpages' Newest Columnist Tackles Your Questions

Welcome all. I hope that this idea of a hub columnist will catch and you will stop by to see how I do with your various questions. I hope that if I cannot answer them thoroughly that I will be able to provide enough b.s. so that they will be at least entertaining.

Our first question comes from dtn2885 and he writes:

Does anyone care to answer the Unanswered Questions?

I do care to answer them. That is why I started this column. Thanks for getting me off to a great start dtn2885. I hope I answered your question.

youmeget asks:

What would you do to someone who tried to kill you?

Wow. If you want to know the answer to this question because you require this advice then I would say get yourself down to your local police station and fill out a report. Two words - restraining order. Were the any witnesses? Fill out a police report and get it on record. Try to find out why that person tried to kill you. Are they demented? Did you do something? I would look into these things as well as they may be important in determining if there is going to be a repeated effort.

Whats a good way to put on weight for a man [foods to eat] ?

asked by lukeuk

This really depends on your own body. Some bodies store fat a lot easier than others. Thin people sometimes have a higher metabolism that can burn off calories faster. Like many I have the exact opposite problem. There are a lot of unhealthy ways to do this like Burger King's Meat Monster Burger or KFC's Double Down. You did ask what a good way is...your doctor/dietitian is your best bet to give you the best advice on this. After getting your particulars through questionaires and tests, he/she would be able to determine the best course of action. In the meantime you can go on being the envy of all the obese people out there.

Do you plant a vegetable garden?

asked by Inventurist

No, but it springs up anyways. It is so stubborn that people call it a grow-up.

Who helped you decide what to do with your life?

asked by Inventurist

My parents adopted me. They never understood the passion I had for music and actively discouraged me from that course of life. They helped me decide and I have been miserable ever since.

Fukushima Reactor No.1 in FULL MELTDOWN, any of you Americans aware or concerned about this?

asked by AngelTrader

I am Canadian and we should be very concerned about this. However, I surmise that Japanese should be MOST concerned about this given their proximity to this oncoming disaster.

Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die. Do you believe this?

asked by SpiritPhilosopher

Well if that is what it takes to never ever die then yes...yes, I live and believe in the SpiritPhilosopher!

Do You Believe That Every One of Us Has His Soul Mate ?

asked by Cheesing a Dream

It is a nice idea but no I don't. The world population of males vs females fluctuates madly from place to place that the idea of one specific soul mate is almost insane to contemplate. Just as there are complex probabilities and conditions on the choices we make so are the diverse possibilities that we will settle with any specific person at any given time in our lives. Short answer - it's pure bullsh*t.

Can we save power by playing games offline?

asked by aslanlight

Yes we can. However, our online opponent will be completely in the dark thus tempting us to cheat.

Which music do you feel inspires you when you exercise?

asked by CyclingFitness

"Take It Easy" by the Eagles. "I'm so tired" by the Beatles. "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. "I give up" by artist unknown. Anything by Barry White but that is a different type of "exercise".

I am afraid of girls and will like to know how to stop that fear and face girls

asked by enowbi

Watch porn in which women are objectified but stay away from the dominatrix section, that will scar you for life. Just joking here. Umm...if you are older than say...16 years old then I would confide in someone you trust about this fear. In order to stop the fear, you have to investigate and ask yourself why you have that fear.

Whats the movie called where the girl has period and she was walking to school

asked by leeleebish

How about a little more info here? I am going to have to guess. "Dazed And Confused", Fast Times At Ridgemount High, American Blood Pie, My Bloody Valentine, On The Rags To Riches....

Did the United States lose money after the war with iraq

asked by MMagnus

Hell yeah. Go to cost of Iraqi war has so far cost almost 800 Billion dollars. Unless the US let in 80,000 Iraqi immigrants that were multi-millionaires, my guess would be an emphatic YES.

How many minutes a day is recommended for tanning/sunbathing?

asked by ii3rittles

This depends on the UV index on the given day you will be sun tanning. If it is a hot dry sunny day in the summer and the UV index is high, you are going to burn in as little as 10 minutes. If it is a overcast, cold, autumn day you can sunbathe for as long as you want.

What should be my first move when I recieve a quit letter from my girl friend?

asked by Joshuad 6 minutes ago
If you get a "quit" letter it usually means "quit while you are ahead". Leave her alone. If you are the type that loves getting a restraining order then I guess you would be ignoring this advice.


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